Cancun Discount Card

The Cancun Discount Card from Entertainment Plus has been in operation for in excess of 10 years and during this time has expanded its portfolio of tours, special deals on eating out, discounted admission to top Cancun nightclubs and many other money saving discounts in Cancun.

The high rate of repeat customers who purchase year after year demonstrates that the discount card is a sure fire way of saving you money in an ever increasingly expensive place to vacation.

Cancun Discount Card

The Cancun discount card costs just $15 and is such good value that it often pays for itself with a single use.

The card has unlimited uses and is valid for your entire stay. Use it more than once and watch the savings mount up.

The Cancun discount card is ordered online and can either be mailed to your home, given to you on arrival if using Cancun airport transfer with Entertainment Plus or delivered to your hotel ready to be picked up upon check in.

Cancun Discounts


Save $$$ with the Cancun Discount Card!


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The Cancun Discount Card offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Discount Dining at many of Cancun's best eateries
  • 2 for 1 Lobster Meals
  • Discounted Admission to top Cancun nightclubs
  • Discounted Open Bar Deals
  • Money off tours and attractions

Example Of Use

Example of Savings With Cancun Discount Card

My wife and I used the 2 for 1 card at the Rainforest cafe in Cancun, you can see our check to the left.

We shared some chicken fingers as an appetizer. As our entrees, I had Fish and Chips and my wife had a Chinese Salad. The Chinese Salad was the cheaper of the two entrees and you can see that 99 pesos was deducted from our check.

The entrees we had were some of the less expensive items on the menu and we still saved $10. Had we both had the most expensive item we'd have saved $25 on just that one meal!

With savings of $10, $20 or more on every meal the Cancun Discount Card will save you money on your vacation! Buy it Here

Where Can I Use It?