Cancun Wedding Live Video Stream

Thanks to today's amazing video and Internet technology your Cancun wedding can be streamed live in DVD quality video and audio over the Internet to friends and family who have not been able to join you for your special day, wherever in the World they may be.

To get married in Mexico is many couples ultimate dream. But all too often, for one reason or another, not all family and friends can be there to share your special day. Perhaps relatives and friends are elderly, sick, have young children or simply can't afford to travel. Now though, with the advent of this new Cancun wedding web cast service your family and friends can view your wedding online, streamed live over the Internet wherever in the World they may be, as it happens in real time.

Cancun Live Weddings
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Your Live Wedding Video Streaming Package Includes:

  • DVD Quality Video and Audio
  • On Location Staff
  • Personalized Web Cast Page
  • Flexible Packages to Suit Your Needs
  • Web cast Report
  • Email Invitations
  • Guest Chat Room
  • Video Archive for 1 Year
  • DVD Copies





Frequently Asked Questions

For which locations is this service available

Throughout Cancun and the Riviera Maya, including Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal and Tulum. Mobile 3g technology enables a web cast to be broadcast from any of these locations.

How many people can watch my wedding online?

The basic package offers 50 viewing hours. So, if you choose a 1 hour web cast it could be watched live from 50 different computers. However, you can choose to add hours to your package depending on the amount of viewers you anticipate.

What are the technical requirements to view the live web cast?

Due to the high quality video and audio a broadband Internet connection will be required. Dial up users will not be able to view the web cast. The web casts are streamed using Adobe Flash format which is already installed on 98% of computers. Just in case, links are provided to the free installation and upgrades for Flash Player, available from Adobe.

How do I invite people to watch the live wedding web cast?

Once your reservation has been confirmed a link is provided to the location of your wedding web cast page. You can email this link to your family and friends at your convenience. An Email Invitation service with professional quality graphics, links and instructions in both HTML and text format is also included. The Email Invitation is sent one month before the wedding date and also, as a reminder, one week before.

Will the web cast video be available online after my wedding?

Your wedding web cast is archived for online viewing for one year. All packages include 30 days of archived availability for your wedding web cast with additional archive lengths available for purchased separately.

How will my wedding web cast look and sound?

The live wedding web casts are encoded at a broadband-quality bit rate, which means the audio and video will be DVD quality. You can view a demonstration video here.

How long can my wedding web cast be?

All packages include a live web cast of the ceremony with a minimum length of 1 hour. If you require a longer web cast, that can be arranged for an additional fee. Please notify us in as early as possible if you expect your ceremony to be longer than 1 hour.

Can the wedding footage be saved in a format suitable for TV?

Raw footage of your wedding web cast in DVD format that will play in most standard DVD players. The footage is recorded by high-quality Sony 3 CMOS High Definition Video cameras at full television resolution. It is important to note that the footage is completely untouched and unedited. However, it makes great backup footage if you have someone putting together a wedding video for you. The footage can be edited for an additional fee.

Should I still hire a videographer?

Of course! In fact, it's highly recommended. The web cast cameras are positioned for optimal static shots, which are best for web casting. Professional videographers are best to provide the dynamic shots needed to edit and compose the traditional wedding video format.