About Cancuncare

Steve and Jannet Early days

Steve & Jannet
Fat Tuesday, Cozumel 1999

Cancuncare is an independently owned website which launched in August 2002. The aim of the site was, and remains, to provide truthful and honest Cancun vacation advice. Initially from the point of view of a couple who visited there regularly, and now from the point of view of that same couple who are lucky enough to call Cancun their home.

Cancuncare does not offer vacation related services directly. Rather services available through the site are offered in association with a wide range of, largely locally based, partners. Cancuncare ensures that products and services offered on the site are only from reputable companies with a reputation for excellent and honest service and whom we have personal knowledge of.

About the Owners: Steve and Jannet

Steve and Jannet, Blue Bay Getaway

Jannet & Steve
Blue Bay Getaway, May 2004

Steve met Jannet (from Acapulco but living in Cancun) in the winter of 1998 during his second holiday to Cancun, Mexico while enjoying a night out at Dady Rock. After keeping in touch by email and phone and then Steve returning to Cancun in Summer 1999, Jannet made the move to be with Steve in Nottingham, UK later that Autumn.

Steve proposed on Valentines Day 2000 and just a couple of weeks later they married on March 4th. Several years passed by as Jannet built up her English skills and slowly but surely made progress in the unfamiliar, and often untrusting, UK jobs market and they saved for and then bought and furnished their house in Nottingham. Steve worked for the Environment Agency and won several promotions.

By 2002 with their house bought and money not becoming so much of a limiting factor, Steve and Jannet were visiting Cancun twice a year for up to 3 weeks at a time, staying mainly at the Temptation Resort. Each time leaving became that little bit harder.

Daniella's Second Birthday

Dani, Jannet, Steve's Mum and Steve
Dani's 2nd Birthday,
Cancun December 2006

During the evenings back in the UK Steve learned how to build and develop web sites and Cancuncare.com was born. The web site became more and more successful and traffic increased at a frantic rate. At some point during 2004 the big decision was made to sell all our belongings, including the house, and to try life as a full time webmaster working out of Cancun. In July 2004 Steve gave up his career and with Jannet 6 months pregnant they moved to Cancun in September of that year with nothing more than 3 suitcases of possessions. Their daughter Daniella Valerie was born at Amerimed hospital, Cancun on December 9th 2004 and, some years later, her little brother William was born 28 August 2010 at Galenia Hospital Cancun.

Jannet and Steve continue to live happily in Cancun, watching their kids grow up in beautiful surroundings, and with opportunities that could never be found at home. Steve has successfully ventured out into additional areas of online marketing, largely due to the impact of Hurricane Wilma in October 2005 severely curtailing the Cancun market for six months. Although cancuncare remains their flagship site and will hopefully live on for a long time to come.

You can read more about the daily life of Steve, Jannet, Daniella and Billy "living the dream" over at their Cancun Blog or chat with us on our Cancun Forum.