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Default Credit Cards

I forgot to ask about using credit cards in Cancun. Places like Costco, Walmart, restaurants, etc. are there disadvantages to using credit cards instead of ash? Thank you!
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Originally Posted by BlueRuby View Post
I forgot to ask about using credit cards in Cancun. Places like Costco, Walmart, restaurants, etc. are there disadvantages to using credit cards instead of ash? Thank you!
I don't know about paying in "ash" or even coal for that matter but yes you can use it there, you'll be dung exchange rates and a service charge from your cc company though just like anywhere else in the world.

Use cash, exchange some at your bank in advance into peso, better exchange rate in the long run, plus you'll have tip money available

Credit Card
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I think it's the Banamex ATM at Walmart that has a VERY low fee... like 23 pesos.. .less then $2 usd AND you get the VISA/MC exchange rate which will be better then any banks. Or just use your card for purchases and bring enough dollars for tips. Just notify your back you are coming here so they don't block it. I have yet to get any international service fee with my US bank card... but each bank is different.
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CapitalOne credit cards do not charge an international exchange fee. Walmart, Sams and Costco have a good dollar to peso exchange rate, however you can not have more than 10% over the purchase amount in dollars. Example if you have 35 dollars in purchase value and try to pay with 50 dollar bill it will not be accepted. As Tori said if paying in cash withdraw money at a bank ATM.

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Also make sure U tell the CC company that U are going out of the country. So they don't block the card thinking it is stolen. That happen to me... An oversight on my part!!
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chase credit cards do have an international service fee. after years of taking down cash and changing it for pesos at the cambio's, this year i used atm's since i was staying for a long time. i got a much better rate using atm's.
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13 years going and never had any card issues. Southwest Airlines cards through Chase and have never incurred any international charges on purhases. Suppose there might be on an ATM transaction maybe, but have never used them for that.......
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