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Nov 4, 2015
Apr 27, 2015
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Newbie, from SoCal

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Nov 4, 2015
    1. TIM&DONNA
      You guys excited yet? See you the 17th!
    2. Beyond Epic
      Beyond Epic
      We are returning for a second trip this year. Loved it the first time and needed to go back. We are there from 11-15, just a long weekend. Would love to meet you guys. Yes, tits out at the pool is a must!!!
    3. manuelitaymario
      Our third time, will be arriving 20th to Temptation leaving to Desire on 25th till 29th. Hope to meet you there. We will be having small leather necklace with out names Manuelita y Mario
    4. trev&beli.
      Hey guys just wanted to say hello we will be there from 16 -23
    5. Tits-Ahoy
      Hi Erica & Ken...we are Tanya & Shawn...we have only been once before.... last November....and we had an absolute blast...we have traveled to many resorts in the past and found that TTR by far is the best...it has an amazingly friendly atmosphere, everyone that we met were there for the same reasons we were, make new friends and experience the carefree atmosphere :) it was the first time I have ever been topless in public (hence, Tits-Ahoy lol, ) and it actually was a lot easier than I thought...its a great place to go, to be yourself, get your sexy on and not be judged by others..we loved it so much we became members :) The Boobs Cruise was an experience I will never forget....I definitely recommend it if you have never been before...thats great we will be there around the same time, we look forward to meeting you both :) any questions let me know
    6. Tits-Ahoy
      Thanks for adding us to your friends list, we are going to TTR Nov 14th-21st, are you going around the same time?
    7. Tits-Ahoy
      Temptations Cancun Community :)
    8. EscapeTravelLive
      What is the name of the private page on Facebook?
    9. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      You should join the facebook page (if you are on facebook) = private page = November 12th to 22nd 2015 You wll start to meet quite a few of the Sexy Sinaholics that will be there
    10. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      I'm sure you will be pleased with both. Have you read all about the couples massage? We actually have not done it yet but just miight next time. Watch for Boobs cruise dates....you may want to "encounter" this special event....like no other for sure.
    11. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      WElcome! You are gunna love it!!!!!
    12. Rick & Mel
      Rick & Mel
      We live about 45 min from New Orleans. The boobs cruise is a must do..the only other time we left the resort was to the shopping area for a few hours one morning.
    13. Rick & Mel
      Rick & Mel
      If you booked the actual temptation suite they are all located at the end of the buildings and they are all ocean front, they are really nice large rooms with a Jacuzzi in the bathroom. The Jacuzzi suites are regular rooms surrounding the quite pool and they have a Jacuzzi tub outside on the patio. We booked a regular room, but will try to upgrade when we get there..you can usually get it cheaper if they have any available.
      Where are y'all from? Rick & Melody
    14. Rick & Mel
      Rick & Mel
      We are visiting Nov 12-18th..our second trip. Feel free to ask if you have any questions...We had an absolute blast year!
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  • About

    Married couple heading to Temptation Cancun in November 2015. Hoping to meet some intriguing people

    Anything outdoors


    First trip November 13-21 2015. any advice appreciated
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