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Sep 2, 2018
Jan 27, 2013
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Guru, from Ontario

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Sep 2, 2018
    1. regalsteph
      When you guys going?
    2. WillPlayAllDay
      2+4...AKA "6", I love those signs you have in your pics....Too funny!
    3. marshe
      Thanks for thinking of us. We hope you had a great christmas. We were without hydro since sat night so we were happy to be able to go to a fleebag in Buffalo to have a shower. Our flight was delayed 4 hours but its been all good since. Happy new year. See you soon.
    4. Northwoods Couple
      Northwoods Couple
      hi there! just wanted to drop a line to keep in touch. glad you returned home safely. it was great meeting the two of you. we had an awesome time and meeting great people like you made it even better. hope we are able to meet up again. - Shari n Curt
    5. marshe
      Glad that you 2 are having a great time. Excellent that your weather has been cooperative, especially for this time of year.
      That is a great change to the butler services. Glad to hear that they are listening to suggestions.
      Lobster always needs steak, or it becomes lonely on the plate.
      what room did you get?
      How is the new members deck?
    6. 2plus4
      How cute are you? You are right. That's what happens when you are in a second marriage. You end up with a family of six.
    7. Shaela&Shaelo
    8. marshe
      Welcome to your members' years. Hope you bargained HARD and got the best deal u could get.
      Guess you like the joint eh? Guess this also means you are goin back again to TTR. Already booked the next trip?
      Enjoy your last day and just think we arrive in 9 days. Tidy up after yourselves OK.
    9. marshe
      so r u members now? did u meet Chinos? or Steve and Janet? Did you mention our names to premiere so we get credit? huh didya, didya?
      Hope you r having a blast.
      Do me a fav and tell Amy we are coming back in 2weeks and if she wants we can dinnerdate with her. So she can figure out her schedule last week of April.
      Also tell Jose and or Paloma (watersports) we r goin to Black Pub Friday Apr 26
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    We love tanning in the Tropical sun, dancing, meeting new people and sharing a drink with friends


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