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Mar 12, 2014
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Oct 21, 2018 at 12:50 AM
    1. scottydog
      Great trip...so many new friends. Hope everyone is back in 2015 for another crazy May trip!
    2. Adam & Stacey
      Adam & Stacey
      Thanks, we practice!!! It was so great to meet you guys:0) Hopefully we will meet up again back in paradise!
    3. CK
      Hi Sal & Lisa. We had a great time meeting you. Sorry we missed saying good bye. Sal, don't spend too much time in the corner if you can help it. We hope to see you again.
    4. Trev&Deb
      Hi guys, so great to meet you both, we had a great time & can't wait for the next! So when you coming to the UK? Lol, seriously, you're more than welcome. Having a month of now....need some liver recovery time & I don't think Deb will ever be able to even smell JD again. Take care xx
    5. Edward-Alli
      It was great meeting you both. Looked like you enjoyed your vacation. it was so much fun.
    6. sillyleo
      BAHAHAHA! Too funny! I felt SO NAKED in that outfit! Even just putting the thong on made me feel more clothed!! lol Hope you can go back when we do!!!! We loved hanging out with you guys and wish we would have been there for more of an overlap.
    7. Josh&Jessa
      We made a username as soon as we got to the US lol and we had so much fun!! no one can believe our stories!! hahaha my mom and aunt are about to start planning a trip for september because of all of our stories!!! haha they love the boobs cruise game josh had to play ;-) and we cant wait to see the pics!!
    8. sillyleo
      How was the rest of your trip??
    9. 2sunburned
      Hi we get in May 4th. Definitely will be by the sexy pool. Looking forward to getting primed up with you guys. It's will be our first Boob cruise.
    10. jimnlisa
      Hi There, We are always looking forward to meeting new friends. If you see us at the sexy pool when you get in come say Hi! Chances are we will be moving a bit slow from the Boobs cruise the day before however we can all start priming together for our cruise on the 7th.
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