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Aug 12, 2018
Apr 24, 2016
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Aug 12, 2018
    1. amybobby5
    2. Tantric469
      We will be there Nov 25th to Dec 3rd. Looking forward to meeting new friends
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    3. frenchcanadian
      We are there from nov 30th to dec 7... home to see you and have some drinks
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    4. Legoland
      Hope too see u there
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    5. sexxy_fun
      Try to swing at trip to Desire in june. We are staying 5 days and different hotel the day we arrive and the day before we depart. We would love to have you visit Park City, utah or Las Vegas. We can show you both a good time.
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    6. sexxy_fun
      We are not on Facebook. Email us at nicolerodrigues4414@gmail.com; robert.48176@gmail.com.
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    7. sexxy_fun
      We are heading back to Cancun June 16-23: Desire Riviera Maya. We are staying close to the resort the night we arrive and at Grand Oasis sens on the 22nd..closer to the airport the night before out departure. Check your calendar. It would be great to see you both again.
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    8. amybobby5
      Great to meet you both too! We should have spent some more time together!!
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    9. 2temptu
      Hi! I sent an email to the address you gave us. Didn't hear back, and We would like to keep in touch. Can you private me your address again? Thanks and hopefully we will see again in the summer.
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    10. Amy Jason
      Amy Jason
      While we were at Temptations, we didn't realize you were A&H form cancuncare. I'm sorry i was soooo SHY!!!!lol. I'm glad you found us on here. We had a good time joking and laughing with you. We would love to travel with some of the same people next year. I'll keep you posted if i hear anyone's travel plans. Please do the same.
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    We are looking forward to our first trip to temptation and will be there from 13th to 27th June, 16