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Aug 30, 2018
Mar 21, 2016
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Iowa City ~ Go Hawks
H~Health Care A~Wind Turbines


Regular, from Iowa City ~ Go Hawks

Registered Member

See ya @ the Sexy Pool......Oct 28 - Nov 3. HnH 2018!!! Aug 2, 2018

aaronheidi74 was last seen:
Aug 30, 2018
    1. aaronheidi74
      See ya @ the Sexy Pool......Oct 28 - Nov 3. HnH 2018!!!
      1. Chris Eaton likes this.
    2. aaronheidi74
      We will be in the Sexypool this time tomorrow....14th - 17th!!!
      1. Terri & Jeff likes this.
    3. PAULnPAT
      Hi guys, We are looking forward to meeting you guys. :)
      1. aaronheidi74 likes this.
      2. aaronheidi74
        Ditto!!! Only a few more weeks....woohoo!
        Mar 22, 2018
    4. aaronheidi74
      Back for more.....See you @ The Sexy Pool...April 14-17!
    5. aaronheidi74
      See you at the Sexy Pool 10/26 - 11/2 2017!!!
      1. TyCaliCouple likes this.
    6. aaronheidi74
      Fireball Saturday ;)
    7. aaronheidi74
      Fireball Friday!!!
    8. aaronheidi74
      DFW Boobs Cruise!!!
    9. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      thinking about Vegas this winter, any dates you have in mind? Then October 15 - 22 to TTR
    10. GEO
      Flight 531 leaves Atlanta at 9:47 and arrives Cancun at 11:20. What flight are you on now and what did you change for the shuttle
    11. GEO
      We come in the same day. Flying Delta out of Buffalo to Atlanta and on to Cancun on flight 531. maybe share trans there
    12. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      and were open to new ideas and new places also..
    13. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      no plans for sure, kinda looking at 3 nights in a condo and 3 nights in a all inclusive resort in cabo.. looking for a fun travel couple to meet in cabo..
    14. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      what are you guys doing in 2017?
    15. britun2
      Thanks for the friend request. We will both be dressing up for all the themes!
      Looking forward to finally getting there next month! See ya in the Sexy Pool Equivalent lol.
      It doesn't sound the same!!
      Kevin n Kellie
    16. 1st_Mate
      We are both in healthcare so unfortunately we work every other weekend. Would love to go to a game. Looking at the schedule....we may go to Northwestern, Michigan, or NE. If we go to NE, we may have to watch it at the Sports Column. Lol
    17. 1st_Mate
      Well, we signed on to post our vaca stats and saw your message. We did book Grand O Sens! Here's the fun part. It says Midwest but we live in SE Iowa. And....love our HAWKS! Both of us Iowa alum! We normally go to TTR in Feb, week 8 but this is a special trip. Looking forward to meeting you guys.
    18. JamieNWife
      Sounds good. Glad we aren't the only ones new to the HnH group. Make sure you sign up for the Boobs Cruise on Oct. 30th when Steve posts that it is open for registration! It is a really fun time! We arrive on Sat. you will probably already be there. I will most likely be wearing a White PSU visor. We Are Penn State!...;-) Looks like we will still be in Mexico for the PSU vs. Iowa game but we will be at a different resort by then.
    19. JamieNWife
      Nice to meet the two of you. We will be at GOS Sat-Wed. over Halloween. Been to TTR one other time but that was Nov. so this will be a whole new group for us to meet. Looking forward to it. Save some drinks for us. Jim and Tabitha from Maryland.
    20. Chris and April
      Chris and April
      ya we can for sure meet up. were over on the island wed 10/26 til Sun the 30th. get a group together and come visit
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    Iowa City ~ Go Hawks
    H~Health Care A~Wind Turbines
    Boobs, Beaches, Bars


    Hotties & Hellraisers ~ Halloween 2018
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