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May 13, 2016
Sep 12, 2015
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May 13, 2016
    1. aanda0310
      Hey!! We caught a glimpse of you from across the pool but then lost you by the time we got over there. Were you at the party last night? We're heading to the pool in 10 min. I'll (Andrew) have a grey Orioles hat on. See you soon!!! :)
    2. aanda0310
      We're so psyched!!! Trying to get inebriated enough that we can sleep! Lol. Good luck getting up in 2.5 hours! ;) We'll see ya soon!
    3. aanda0310
      Lol... yeah we picked that up. We're pretty sharp like that! ;) Don't worry, we, two functioning alcoholics, aren't gonna judge you one bit! That being said, try to set aside a couple hours on Monday for the intervention we have planned for you. Ahhh shit... I always forget we're not supposed to tell the person that beforehand!

      2 AM!!! that's insane! Our flight is at 11:45 AM, so by the time we get there you guys better be half naked and fully lit! ;)
    4. aanda0310
      How's the pre-gaming going? Or does that not start till 5? lol
    5. Jim and Deb
      Jim and Deb
      afternoon of the 28th to the 2nd...
    6. Jim and Deb
      Jim and Deb
      We are here for the party also...well almost.. Peace and Love TTR style...
    7. aanda0310
      How generous of you! ;) We're not used to being wined and dined like this. ;)
    8. aanda0310
      Flight arrives at 2:20. So hopefully we'll be there right at check-in time! How bout you guys?
    9. aanda0310
      We'll be jumping into the fray 4/24-29... so we expect we might be seeing a good bit of each other. We're total TTR newbs, so go easy on us! ;) See ya there.
    10. us2933
      Hi guys, looks like our dates cross with yours. Hope to get a chance to bump into you xxx
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    We're just here for the party...now let's get it started!
    First trip- September 2015
    Second trip- April 2016