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Nov 9, 2018
Feb 16, 2014
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British Columbia

AJ and Paul

Enthusiast, from British Columbia

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Nov 9, 2018
    1. cnparda
      My dear friends. .any chance you are visiting TTR over New Years?
      1. AJ and Paul
        AJ and Paul
        We would love to. Are you guys booked already? We decided to try around Halloween this year for 12 days. We went last New Years and had a great time. Wish you were able to do Oct.-Nov, it would be awesome to see you again. We will let you know if we try for NYE as well.
        Jul 15, 2018
      2. cnparda
        Yes, we are booked with another couple we are friends with. 12 days sounds amazing but we do hope you can swing it for December again.
        Jul 16, 2018
      3. AJ and Paul
        AJ and Paul
        We will definitely let you know if we can make it
        Jul 18, 2018
    2. RobAndLis
      WooHoo... we're starting to get close!!!
      1. AJ and Paul
        AJ and Paul
        Not close enough!!
        Aug 6, 2017
        RobAndLis likes this.
    3. Kevin_Ailsha
      Hey guys! Hope all is well. Since TTR going to b closed should come hang out w us and Jess & kev in sept!!
    4. P&KL
      Thanks for the reply! Should be a really fun week!
    5. P&KL
      We arrive the same day! See you at Patio's later in the evening! Hope you get a great room!
    6. English James
      English James
      Hey guys! I thought I'd stop by and say I'm travelling alone from England on April 11-19 so thought I'd break the ice!
    7. xoja
      So we usually go for April but with work this year it's not gonna work out so we booked the first week of May with Kevin and ailsha... Enjoy April we will tell our friends Shane and jenny about u hopefully u meet cause they are a blast
    8. Kevin_Ailsha
      Hated missing you two also. Spring tough for us bc kids sport leagues. We are planning on May 6-11 since they usually don't have games that weekend.
    9. papychulo
      We are going to miss you two by a day :( Have fun!
    10. RayAndKat
      We didn't really say bye to anyone. : ( Sorry we missed you though. Get ahold of me at kat.skeins@yahoo.com. Thanks for sharing your shots and straws. Lol
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