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Jun 23, 2017
Jul 18, 2015
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Sep 10, 1980 (Age: 38)
I am a professional DJ, and own my own music produ


Addict, 38, from NC

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Jun 23, 2017
    1. John & Michelle
      John & Michelle
      Hey AJ...I just wanted to say hi! And hope you are doing good. We booked a room for a week in April at GP in Cancun. I was not sure if you booked anything yet? John
    2. tobadd
      Hate you are not going in September
    3. John & Michelle
      John & Michelle
      Hey AJ, I hope you are doing good. Yeah,,The beach would be great! I'm just not sure when we can go. I will keep in touch with you and you me. Talk to you soon! John
    4. Brett&Paula
      Hey AJ was great to meet you! Our trip was great and seemed like yours was too! Was fun to meet you ! Take care hope to see you again ! Thank you again for your service to our country! Brett & Paula
    5. ShaneandJenny
      No problem, we wish only the best for you.
    6. John & Michelle
      John & Michelle
      You are very welcome brother! Glad we all got home safe. Look us up on Facebook John Pender and Micheal Pender
    7. Mike and Vicki
      Mike and Vicki
      Hey AJ,
      We were looking for you to say goodbye before we left but couldn't track you down. Hope you had an amazing trip; we sure did. It was really great meeting you and look forward to seeing you again next year!
    8. Brett&Paula
      Thanks for the pic comment
    9. Bourbon Life
      Bourbon Life
      AJ, we are bringing Blackberry Shine and I think you will like this. There are some of the best near Murphy, NC. Lot's of good stuff out there these days. Looking forward to meeting you in just a very few days!!!
    10. ShaneandJenny
      Look forward to meeting you,another from NC!
    11. John & Michelle
      John & Michelle
      Awesome! We are looking forward to it! John n Michelle
    12. John & Michelle
      John & Michelle
      Hey AJ....Just wanted to let you know we booked the Boob Cruise today. Hope you can make it! John & Michelle
    13. John & Michelle
      John & Michelle
      Hey AJ, We are going to book the Boob Cruise for the 20th!
    14. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Thanks Aj! Come on April!
    15. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Thanks for the picture comment but that is not us haha . That was a couple that was there when we were a couple years ago
    16. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      See you the 17th. Come by and say hello
    17. DeltaMandJ
      Thx for the request. Looking forward to meeting everyone. .
    18. DeltaMandJ
      Thanks for the friend request. Glad to accept.
    19. Ed&Mag
      We'll be there May 21 - 29. Thanks for serving, I was in the gulf war also.
    20. John & Michelle
      John & Michelle
      Hey dude what happened to the tee shirt design?? I found a place that will print them for about $18 -$20 a shirt. You can send it to jpswrx@yahoo.com I can get a few printed up for a few people. John and Michelle
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    Sep 10, 1980 (Age: 38)
    I am a professional DJ, and own my own music produ
    I am a 35 yr old Italian American man"single" I served in Iraq I love fun!!

    I love to meet new people,and make new friends! My email is Lancasterandrew@yahoo.com. I am on FB to


    Yahoo! Messenger: