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May 5, 2016
Feb 26, 2013
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Amanda & Chris

Enthusiast, from Antigonish, Nova Scotia

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May 5, 2016
    1. southsoundfun
      Are you two going in April 2016? you should book !!!!!
    2. hut91
      Sexy couple !!!
    3. RedSkiBums
      Hey there fellow Habs fans, methinks we're eff'd now.
    4. MrandMrsHotWife
      It was great meeting you too. We will be there next April!
    5. MrandMrsHotWife
      You guys are a blast!
    6. ChrisandKev
      This is our first trip to Cancun... it can't seem to get here fast enough lol

      Christine has a few outfits all picked out for the theme nights and ordered a few more from yandy... She is following the advise she read on here... take one outfit you are comfortable and take one outfit you would never ever wear.. so i think she is a little nervous... but excited at the same time :)

      Looking forward to meeting you and making this trip one we will not forget!
    7. ChrisandKev
      Hey, we will be at the resort from April 10 – 17. If you see us please say hello as we are always looking to meet new people.
    8. Gaspereau
      Yes it is an add on, I think $30 for the hour....but easier to get it out of the way and have some liquor in the room.
    9. Gaspereau
      We have to change planes in TO and get to Cancun at 11:25....we might see you @ the airport...we are using USA Transfers and stopping @ Walmart to get a few things before heading to the hotel.....
    10. Gaspereau
      Hey guys - is your flight direct or do you change planes in Toronto?
    11. RedSkiBums
      Black Sabbath? Rock on, dudes!
    12. MrandMrsHotWife
      That is awesom! Look for us on the 5th.
    13. MrandMrsHotWife
      What dates will you guys be at TTR?
    14. latincanucks
      See you guys at the sexy pool in 40 days :)
    15. Jess_2703
      Hey guys :) No Prob, we are both sick of the Winter as well .. :) It's crazy how much snow we got... Normally here in South of QUébec we don't have to much snow .. But this year I think it's our biggest winter EVER... Sooo crazy !! :) I have 400 wristband.. So I should have enought :) More Canadian on the crew.. Woohoo :) We will show to people are canadian party :P Can't wait as well, I riding snowmobile.. but now it's just to much, and this weekend + 6 15 mm of rain .. enought to end the season of rideau canal ice skating . :( ((( Not Cool !!
    16. Daewoo220
      Looking forward to meeting you in April. This will be our 8th trip to TTR, we usually go in March so this will be a bit differant for us. Only 10 weeks to go!!
    17. mishaandi
      Yes! Can't wait!
    18. mishaandi
      Hi! Thanks for the friend request!
    19. Bunz_n_Boots
      Hey guys thanks for the friend invite! We're in New Glasgow :)
    20. nscouple
      Thanks for the friend request. Too bad we won't be at TTR at the same time. We keep talking about trying to bring some of Mexico to NS. Theme party?!
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