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Apr 12, 2017
May 4, 2016
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Amy Jason


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Apr 12, 2017
    1. socalcpl951
      Hi Guys...It looks like you caught the TTR Fever! Second trip in six weeks? Awesome! We are looking forward to partying with you soon.
    2. A&H
      Thanks for the message. It would be great to bump into you guys on our next hol.... Maybe you won't be so shy next time ;-)

      I hope everyone figures out where to go instead of temptation!!!!!
    3. A&H
      Great to meet you - it's such a shame the resort is closing! If you find out where everyone is going next year let us know
    4. SALJ
      We love you Mrs. Hannigan!
    5. sunkissedtanning
      All good decisions! Haha. We leave the 15th so maybe we catch you at pool or patty'o on 14th. What time you land on 14th?
    6. Cuckold couple34-45
      Cuckold couple34-45
      the beach Rivieramaya caribbean lifestyle group if you would like to be added just comment below, We have a new private group called Rivieramaya cuckold lifestyle couples caribbean, this group it's only for real and serious couples who loves travel to the caribbean and wants to enjoy the lifestyle in a very comfortable and safe way, if you want to get in, just let us know, or just Add (Pierre rivieramaya )( facebook account ), have a nice day everyone
    7. $parkie7
      Y'all are so right. June can't get here soon enough.
    8. bnvboise
      Yes! For sure. We are fairly easy to pick out. Please come say hi if you see us first.

      Brian and Vicki
    9. A&H
      Ref private messages - you need to post some messages in forums before you can send them but not many I think it was about 6?!?
    10. $parkie7
      I'm glad you two are joining the party!! See you in June! Dawn & Curtis
    11. Amy Jason
      Amy Jason
      I'm not able to respond to people's messages. Not sure if it's because we're new or what's going on. Hmmmm!
    12. Amy Jason
      Amy Jason
      We are signing up for the boobs cruise on June 15.
    13. sunkissedtanning
      We'll be there the same time. June 7-15. You sign up for boobs cruise on 12th?
    14. Guest
      Hey guys - We are so bummed we won't be overlapping a few days. Hope to see you soon though!
    15. Rinker242
      Looks like you will be there around the same time as us. We are there June 11-18. We will buy your first round!
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