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Dec 21, 2016
Oct 13, 2011
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Redcar, England
Nurse and Operations supervisor.

andrew & Debbie

Enthusiast, from Redcar, England

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Dec 21, 2016
    1. andrew & Debbie
    2. Nach&Tina
      Hello, Sexy! Beautiful Photos!
    3. andrew & Debbie
      andrew & Debbie
      :aktion033::aktion033::aktion033:One more day xxxx
    4. andrew & Debbie
      andrew & Debbie
      Last day of work can't wait to party
    5. Popeyes&olive
      Looks like it's going to be a wild fun time can't waite
    6. Popeyes&olive
      Hi both thanks for your friends invite great pics be nice to meet yo both
    7. LondonTnT
      Thanks for the like guys xx
    8. BIG JOEP
      BIG JOEP
      Alright buddy be safe and see ya soon!
    9. PAnLexKy
      Thanks for adding us guys, 10 days for us first timers and we will be there, can't wait!!
    10. BIG JOEP
      BIG JOEP
      I heard I have another bald brother!!!! So can't wait to hang with you guys. Deb ready to shoot some more ice cubes???? lmao... Lori is feeling much better then last yr so I think you will see a whole other side of her.
    11. Robert and Kerrie
      Robert and Kerrie
      Virgins on both counts. You better not drink the resort dry before we get there! lol
      So what's the real percentage for theme night participation? My wife has items for most nights and I have some bedroom boxers and the like. Since neither of us are going to win any hot body contest were hoping that we can blend in with the crowd. Unfortunately most of the public pics show street clothes, I'm hoping that's because of the photo policy at the resort. I even got a kilt for school girl night so I can show off some leg with the ladies! lol Kerrie has a couple swim suits that are way less modest than she would normally wear but no where near a sheer thong. I got some trunks that leave little to the imagination as well to support her. I know that most members say it's all in fun and ridiculousness but we're a bit concerned about the snickers and finger pointing. Are we concerned for nothing? Thanks, Robert
    12. Robert and Kerrie
      Robert and Kerrie
      Thanks for the friend request! We look forward to meeting you in person at the resort. Don't use up the entire supply of fun before we get there. Going on the cruise on the 29th? Any advice for first timers?
    13. BIG JOEP
      BIG JOEP
      Hello my friends!!!! See you soon and yes we will be ready! Hulk smash!!!!
    14. MandEOntario
      Thanks for your pic comment - love how you think
    15. andrew & Debbie
      andrew & Debbie
      Count down begins. 5 day left offshore till i get home...
      5 days left at home before we arive... carnt come quick enough.
      Not good been stuck 160miles out in the north sea in an all male enviroment reading the forum ......ARRRR..
    16. britun2
      Hey, saw your post on the other site looking for theme nights. I can't reply on my phone for some reason!
      Look on the June junkie and July theme nights on here for a list. I don't know how to add a link sorry.
    17. Chavez
      We will c each other ag8n! Cooool. R u ready?
    18. EdnEm98
      We're re always up for meeting new people over drinks! See ya next month!
    19. andrew & Debbie
      andrew & Debbie
      Back again... 22/06 for 10 nights....
    20. andrew & Debbie
      andrew & Debbie
      The count down begins.
      1 day and two sleep till fun times. :-)
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    Redcar, England
    Nurse and Operations supervisor.
    Debbie and Andy

    Enjoying life and all it has to offer.
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