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Aug 22, 2018
Sep 1, 2013
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RN / railroad


Regular, from Alabama

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Aug 22, 2018
    1. Mark and Staci
      Mark and Staci
      ROLL DAMN TIDE!!!!
      1. Bamafans likes this.
      2. Bamafans
        RDT is right !
        Apr 11, 2018
    2. Bob&Ivy
      Hi guys!!! Hope you are well. The ttr closing really sucks but we are booking next october as an fyi. Hope we will see you again sometime. Go blue!!! Lol
    3. Mark and Staci
      Mark and Staci
      Roll DAMN TIDE!! some "good-uns" coming up! The offensive line is gonna have to step it up a BUNCH if we are gonna make it back to the NC!!! RTR!
    4. Bob&Ivy
      Ivy and I hope that you have a very happy and healthy holiday. The video below is one of the many holiday light shows I do to raise money for the area's for Make-A-Wish foundation.


      All the shows including our New Years rock shows can be viewed on YouTube. Search; rblue59 channel. Hope you enjoy them. Merry Christmas!!
    5. Bob&Ivy
      Hi guys. Ivy and I hope that you have been well since returning home. As an FYI although it is not yet booked, we are hoping to return to TTR on October 22 and return on the 31st. We've decided that we deserve more than one vacation per year. We are looking at other destination options for the future but at this time we are comfortable with TTR. We hope to see you again sometime. I uploaded some pictures that include you. Keep in touch.
    6. vodkatonic
      hey guys nice meeting you both,untill next time have a great summer
    7. Bob&Ivy
      WELL THAT REALLY SUCKED!!!!! We are ready to go back. It was great meeting you and sharing the good time. Hope your trip home went well and that we do it again soon.
    8. Brett&Paula
      thanks for the pic comments! Have a fun trip!
    9. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      I just realized that early next week there will be no APRIL threads for us to read or post to, as YOU ALL WILL BE IN CANCUN drinking and partying and having a good old time, and we will be watching the clock tick tick tick ! Right now it is snowing in NE Ohio...

      The first thing I'm going to do when I get to TTR is a horizontal belly-smacker into the pool !
    10. Bob&Ivy
      See you sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    11. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      18 days to go ! Reading a trip report today about very young guys at TTR first week of April -- hope they clear out by the end of the month.
    12. TwistedX
      See you on The Boobs Cruise! April 29th! GEAUX LSU!!
    13. tempsfun
      Your to Kind!
    14. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      Can't wait for a Hot Pepper ! Our excitement is growing by the day - feel like we are going to pick up massive lottery winnings in 29 days !
    15. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      Completely forgot about the Fireball you were talking about. The hell with Tequila ! Jill loves to be AIWC'd !
    16. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      A drink - or 10. I never realized we could ask for a better brand of Tequila at the Sexy Pool bar. Last year we ordered maybe 8 shots for the group we were with, and it was pretty bad Tequila. This year we're asking for the good stuff.

      Looking for AIWC - but can't find any locally. Hopefully someone will have some left by the 30th for Jill. Last year she ran us out of a can.
    17. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      Wouldn't you know it -- this will make our 6th time to TTR -- and missed the Boobs Cruise EVERY TIME ! It's like Steve looks at our dates and says I'm not scheduling Jeff & Jill cuz they will have TOO MUCH FUN !.
    18. workoutbuds
      Thanks for the Pic comment and we will be saying hi very soon!!!
    19. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      We hate we are missing our neighbors too. May have to meet up for an Alabama Mississippi state football game one day :) thanks for the picture comment! We love all your pics !!!!
    20. Peteandbrandy
      Thank you for picture comment.
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    RN / railroad
    Married 29 years, love to party and have fun.

    Travel, Crimson Tide Football, beach and riding Harley's
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