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Dec 29, 2009
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ontario canada
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Jan 22, 2018 at 9:31 AM
    1. Dreamers
      We didn't make it. The snow storm took us out...couldn't get a flight out so we rebooked for March. Sorry we missed you and hope you had a heck of a time!
    2. Dreamers
      We're getting closer to the party...see you next week!
    3. Mr Kentucky
      Mr Kentucky
      Hey Stubby & Eryn it's " Cabana Boy" lol I just wanted to say "Howdy" Ahh lol.. & that I miss u guys & hope that u guys have the time of ur guys life this up coming trip & most importantly be careful & don't do anything that I wouldn't do.. Lol.. I wish more then anything that I was gonna be there with u guys this year for the annual family reunion but it's not looking good over this way but do me a favor & live it up to the fullest for me...
    4. Anja & Eryn
      Anja & Eryn
      Hey Guys, I am back up on our profile.. What do you think about maybe renting the yacht one of the days we are there? Can't wait to see you guys...:)
    5. Dreamers
      Our dates overlap by a few days...We look forward to meeting you. Look for us on the dance floor!
    6. MandEOntario
      We are heading to Temptations Halloween week! Join us if you can.
    8. j&kfrommi
      Look forward to meeting you too! No theme night the day we arrive. Everyone seems to be saying see you at Patios??
    9. angkev
      When do you guys get in?
    10. GeeGee
      Looking forward to meeting you guys too!! Feb 22nd can't come fast enough:)
    11. Gary & Marlene
      Gary & Marlene
      Looking forward to seeing u in Feb
      Gary &Marlene
    12. Jim and Cheryl
      Jim and Cheryl
      We just booked Temptation Oct 30-Nov 7. There is a really good sale on reight now through and the flights seemed reasonable. I think it worked out to be about $700 each for everything including taxes. Something to think about.
    13. Jim and Cheryl
      Jim and Cheryl
      If we are passing by and have some time, it would be great to get together. As for drinks, I know that I cannot compete with Rhonda. She is my hero - I bow to her drinking superiority. If your ever in Pembroke - come see us. We are meeting with Tim and Thelma next week in Arizona. Anyway, I hope February is a go for you two. Oh yeah...Go Sens Go! (sorry)
    14. Jim and Cheryl
      Jim and Cheryl
      Hey guys
      How are things with you? All is good here in Pembroke. I am toying with heading back to TTR in November and/or February. Do you have any plans of going back. It would be excellent to see you guys again.
      How is the weather its been raining mostly since we got back.
      OK So ya ready to go back yet??? We are. Miss you both hope all is well.
    17. Stewarts
      We are first timers. Looking forward to having a great time. Hope to see you around.
      Feb 12 -19th

    18. Mr Kentucky
      Mr Kentucky
      Love u two, I called yesterday and left a message give me a shout...
    19. Torontocouple1
      Hi you two. Hope you made it home safe. We afre going through major withdrawal. Hope to hear from you soon.

      Debbie and Yvon
    20. Trooley Insane
      Trooley Insane
      Greetings! We've been to Temptations (both Cancun & Cabo) 4 times. The Cabo location was fun but our preference is the Cancun site. We will be returning in Feb. Can't wait!
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