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Aug 10, 2016
Jan 27, 2014
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Northern Ireland
Retired,film extra(when i get the call)

Bertie& Ann

Enthusiast, from Northern Ireland

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Aug 10, 2016
    1. marshe
      Coool Ink!
    2. Rebelboynash
      You guys must try and come back in October! We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you guys!
    3. ScottnLaura
      We loved meeting you both!! Hoping our paths will cross again in the future, thank you for hanging with us!
    4. Rebelboynash
      Looking forward to meeting you guys in a week and a half!
    5. andrew & Debbie
      andrew & Debbie
      Hi guys.
      There are pay phones All round the resort.
      You can buy time on a card or use your debit or credit card.
      Never used them in anger our self's but know and seen loads of people using them
      You guys will fit in.
      The crowd is very laid back and friendly. Motto is no one knows you and know one gives a shit. There is a pace and fun for every one. Sexy pool is the place to be but gets busy and fun.
      The beach is small but quiet. The quiet pool is a good chill out spot.
      We are there 3rd to 13th June traveling with Thomas Cook.
      Top tip for all first timers buy yourself a good sized buba cup. Take these to the bar other wish you get small chipped plastic cups. Pedro the pool bar manager and Tiger will look after you. We tip early, top tip for Pedro is he like rugby, CANCUN have the hammer heads.
      Regards Andy and Debbie
    6. Bertie& Ann
      Bertie& Ann
      As we are bit more mature than most of the couples going we plan on taking it easy at first, but hell that could all change see you round the pool.Cheers Bert & Ann
    7. Rebelboynash
      Thanks for the greetings! We are first timers, too, but are really looking forward to meeting new folks at TTR!
    8. Country Cut
      Country Cut
      Look forward to seeing ya'll there....Us being first timers to the resort and one this wild, we will probably be taking it alittle slow at first too until we get our legs under us or enough booze in ya'll around there...
    9. ScottnLaura
      Thank you for stopping by and letting us know you will be there the sametime we are! We will look for you in the sexy pool. This is our second time so if you have any questions or need any advice please feel free to ask! 18 days WOO HOO!!!
    10. Bertie& Ann
      Bertie& Ann
      Hi Andrew&Debbie. Thank you for all the advice we are just abit concerned about being a bit older than most of the other couples there. Doing this for a change to Spain etc. We are both broad minded and fun loving and not easily offended we booked through Thomas Cook and have allready requested a quiet room but will still do the quick check in and remind them about the quiet room .If you are there at the same time as us see you around the sexy pool. Thanks again for all the info. Bertie& Ann
    11. andrew & Debbie
      andrew & Debbie
      Hi guys.
      Guys it's your first time.
      First pointer is log on the Web site for temptation and register your details for quick check in.
      Request a room in a quiet area....
      Other wise you could get a room around patios where the party can go on all night.
      On arrival you will be asked to speak to the concierge. Did line this politely and say you have been before (time share sale pitch) you will have no both.
      Great place with a vibrant you will experience no were else.
      We have been multiple times.
      All the action during the day is round the sexy pool.
      That's the one with the hot tubes.
      Check the entertainment board for the daily and nightly entertainment.
      Check out chanel 11 and 12 on the
      And the best bit of advice is just to ask and talk to everyone, it's like been with a second family, every one is very friendly and welcoming.
      If there's is any thing else you want to know please let me know.
      Andy & Debbie
    12. PaulandTara
      Hey guys newbies here. We'll see you on the 29th. We'll be ready to do some drinking and shit talkin'!
    13. oldies_but_newbies
      Have a great time. Enjoy it all.
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    Northern Ireland
    Retired,film extra(when i get the call)
    Drinkin beer and talking shit with friends

    Blues & Rock Music Fan
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