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Mar 13, 2011
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central ohio
multi unit management


Shot Opus & Toga Fan, from central ohio

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bigsexy&misssexy2012 was last seen:
Sep 19, 2017 at 1:05 PM
    1. finallyfree24769
      Have you guys been to Hidden beach resort?
    2. anna
      we did it booked the GP april 24 return to ohio may 2 hope to see you there
    3. JamieNWife
      No worries. We already made a reservation for transfer with USA Transfers too. We land at 11:40 so no need to wait on us. You should be a couple drinks ahead when we arrive. Of course we will be starting the morning with double bloodys before takeoff at 9:00. See you guys soon!!! I can almost taste tequilla in the air...;-)
    4. JamieNWife
      I see you guys are coming in to Sens on the 29th like us. It looks like most of the other people will already be there. What time do you land? I am arranging transfers through USA Transfers. If you were interested and land about the same time we could possibly share a van. Would be nice to meet someone on the way before we arrive and have to enter the huge group that will already be there.

      I am assuming from your location that you are OSU fans.... We are both PSU grads but wont hold that against you...;-)
    5. suky
      I'm in Cincy
    6. suky
      Hi, I'm in Cincy
    7. CookieTTR
      It seems like time is flying by since Labor Day. I haven't even started making my costume. Ugh...
      This is Rhonda the Gator fan from Orlando, FL.
    8. Fredmgill
      Hey, way too many post from a guy that's supposed to be there partying it up! Down time is "Cuddle Time" Hope your having a great time! See you in October. Looking forward to your final week recap!
    9. Fredmgill
      Cool, very good idea. Wish I would have thought of that. See you soon!
    10. Fredmgill
      Hey Matt. Great to see you guys will be at the Sens for a few days on Halloween! Is that your entire trip or are you checking out another resort? Paul
    11. Angela & Paul
      Angela & Paul
      When are you guys going?
    12. solsticeSassy
      to echo the comment from BnK we are also looking for a new place for April this year!
    13. solsticeSassy
      dam it we are going to cross path again hahahah we will be there from Sep 2-9. Seems to us everytime we go you are there hahahaha
    14. BnK
      We are watching & waiting to see where all our friends will migrate to, when TTR is closed. Will catch up to you under the sun somewhere.
    15. M&M2015
      Madison Wisconsin? Doubt we'll be in that area but if you ever find yourselves near Buffalo, NY be sure to let us know. As for the apparent demise of Temptations as we know it, well, I'm disappointed for sure. I've not yet seen an alternative suggested here that comes close to TTR. I Hope I'm wrong. I'm not sure why exactly but this topic has consumed more of my thought processing than it really should. I have a very limited amount of thought processing to begin with!
    16. voyons5
      Great Meeting you both!!
    17. M&M2015
      We had a great time hanging with you two. Thanks for all the shots! Hope we see you next year. BTW, I heard sweet child of mine on the radio the other day and had a good chuckle. Cheers
    18. BnK
      Damn we're going to miss you two this year! Have a great trip.
    19. Tytan450
      Hey guys hope all is well just back from the Mayan met some peeps that were at temptations sure miss it
    20. pandora86
      We'll be sure to be on the look out for you! Come say hi if you spot us before we spot you!
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    central ohio
    multi unit management
    we are a couple (34F and 39M) who have a variety of interests and spend our time having fun!

    amusement parks, gardening, working out, movies, concerts, traveling
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