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Feb 23, 2012
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Vancouver BC
TTR referrals & Desire bonus weeks =25% savings


Addict, from Vancouver BC

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Counting down the days Sep 3, 2017

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Nov 16, 2018 at 5:09 PM
    1. Lucky2$$$
      What is the first day curse? Jeff and Michaela. oct 21-28
      1. BnK likes this.
      2. BnK
        Long day of travel with quick load of drinks and some sun often causes overload and need for a nap - which can last until day 2 and you miss the evening of party that really takes off at 10’sh.

        For some they also end up with issues like broken toes etc from the crazy shenanigans that happen if they have overloaded on shots
        Aug 21, 2018
      3. Lucky2$$$
        I see. We will keep that in mind. Thanks for the info
        Aug 22, 2018
    2. KandBinKC
      Hi, looks like we might overlap a few days on our TTR visit, we are April 21 through 28th. Hope to meet you. Bryan and Kim
      1. BnK likes this.
      2. BnK
        Yup we are there until the 24th so be careful of the day 1 curse or we won’t see you at Bash on the 21st !!!
        Mar 20, 2018
    3. fjsone1
      Hope all is well guys. TTR 2/17 - 2/24 this year.
      1. BnK likes this.
      2. BnK
        Hi & hope you had a great holiday. You must be just home now.
        Feb 25, 2018
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    4. Judith
      We arrive on the 19th. See you there!
      1. fjsone1 and BnK like this.
      2. BnK
        Sounds good you two. Ready to escape winter ?
        Feb 4, 2018
        Judith likes this.
    5. punkinncream
      Good Morning! Thanks for your reply you shared on our post about "First Timers". If you don't mind a few more questions -
      1) You mentioned you go to Pearl-Which do you prefer and why - Pearl or RM?? What would you say are the pros and cons of each?
      2) When you go out from your room - Do you wear a coverup (nude underneath)? Or just go out nude? One of the things we are nervous about, being nude!
      Mary & Jay
      1. BnK likes this.
      2. BnK
        Hi Guys, I started a "conversation" with you with our reply. Have a look on your profile and we can carry-on.
        Sep 23, 2017
    6. cnparda
      Hi guys, I'm not sure if you remember us but you we're awesome in helping us on our first TTR trip. Hope all is well!

      Dan & Jen
      1. BnK likes this.
      2. BnK
        Hi Dan & Jen,
        Sure we remember you guys. Yes you guys were lots of fun to be around and of course Jen was gorgeous in her theme wear. Hope life is treating you well and that we might cross paths again. Normally it's April & October for us but this fall it's Nov.

        Cheers Bri & Kath
        Sep 3, 2017
    7. BnK
      Counting down the days
    8. P&KL
      Hi Guys
      Crazy busy year for us! All good!
      We are heading down Oct 25 to Nov 5. We hear Hallowen may be sold out!
      Back with April Addicts and booked already.
      How have you guys been??
      1. BnK likes this.
    9. tocouple
      Hope to connect with you this November! We're at TTR the 17th-21st...super excited to have some fun.
      1. BnK likes this.
      2. BnK
        Sounds great. Looks like we have 3 days that cross-over so we'll be sure to save some fun times for then too. See ya round the sexy pool !!
        Aug 10, 2017
        tocouple likes this.
      3. tocouple
        Can't wait!
        Aug 11, 2017
        BnK likes this.
    10. kimbi77
      Sent u a PM let me know if u got it sometimes they don't go through K
    11. kimbi77
      Hey guys, have you gone anywhere else since TTR is closed and if so where, and how's was it? Hopefully u had a great summer! We are looking to get away a couple off times between Jan- April. Cheers Kim and Shane
    12. MandEOntario
      thank you again! xx Hope our paths (and legs) cross sometime
    13. MandEOntario
      Thanks sexxies for your pic comment. We love reading them together xo
    14. bigsexy&misssexy2012
      Well i guess now we're just going to have to come out to the West Coast to see you guys, LOL. Hope to catch up with you soon
    15. Nada1731
      We have been home for 3 days and are already planning our next trip.
    16. Nada1731
      Not sure if we crossed paths or not?
    17. bigsexy&misssexy2012
      Yeah wish we could see you guys, work timing issue for me. Enjoy your stay and maybe we will cross paths.
    18. Nada1731
      You bet your cute asses you will! :)
    19. JnJPartyStyle
      See ya again there this year!!!
    20. ShaneandJenny
      Save us a drink! We should be at the sexy pool by 1:00
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