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Mar 2, 2014
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Enthusiast, from Wisconsin

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I will look into how to give you permission. Thx Aug 15, 2018

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Oct 15, 2018 at 2:25 PM
    1. loveshack
      What can I tell you except we made some changes in our itinerary, staying instead at the Golden Parnassus. Kept our reservations for the Boob's cruise but were too hungover to make the journey on the 24th (?). I figured that was going to happen but hoped for better sense...nope. We had a good time but not a great time. We wanted to get off campus and do a few things that have always been preempted by "better times". My wife, Janice was afraid that Temptations turns into a contest of who's the hottest...a fair assumption, since I'm not a women I won't argue that. Though, after spending 2-weeks at the GP, I'm betting she would have rather given Temptations another go. We have been the gamut of topless to naked resorts, with Cabo-Temptations capturing our hearts and souls. Maybe the way, how was your time?
    2. JDandNat
      It was nice meeting you two. Hope to see you again next year!
    3. Bamafans
      We're back in bama. Had a great time meeting you guys. Can't wait till the next trip maybe we'll be back some day together ! Be safe riding to bike rally
    4. PBandJ
      great meeting you both. We had a great time,i'm not sure how posting pics on here works but let me know when you do so I can look at them. :)
    5. slopoke3
      Hey ... how are you guys? Thanks for the picture comments. Glad you guys had a great time. We did October in 2013 and had a blast. All is well with us and trust the same with you. We'd love to catch up and share the same trip dates with you again. Perhaps we should coordinate that?
    6. M and M
      M and M
      We will not be at TTR until June 17-22, would have been nice to meet you guys though. Maybe next time.
    7. ricwhit
      our 5 nights went by so fast. back to work today was rough. Rebecca has 18 hair clients today in a 12 hour day. nothing like getting right back into it.
    8. vodkatonic
      hell ya sunday between 2 and 3 is my guess.......
    9. RobnBecky
      Can't wait we should be there around 11pm (ugh) will will need some shots to catch up to the rest of you.
    10. PBandJ
      Yes, see you then.
    11. loveshack
      Nope, not even. @ the office, last minute financials & paper. Enuf time to grab so board shorts and sunglasses and I'm good. Janice has been ready for a week or so, she must have packed 60 bikinis, which in total doesn't amount to enough cotton to stop a bloody nose. Flights a red eye @ 11:50, we'll land in Cancun at 10am...see you Thursday.
    12. Bamafans
      That's right ! We'll be at sexy pool having drinks ! Can't wait
    13. M and M
      M and M
      Yes, heading to Airventure. I fly out every year for a few days of the show.
    14. RobandSamantha
      Remember, the less the better :-)
    15. M and M
      M and M
      We did a Boobs Cruise in March while staying elsewhere. It was a blast, defiantly will do one in June. I'll be out your way for Oshkosh in July. We are on the other side of PA near Pittsburgh.
    16. loveshack
      Didn't know so thanks for the heads up. We booked for both days so I guess this means we'll have twice as much fun for half the price. See you then! Now back the the hallway.
    17. dk&lin
      Yup, that sums it up. We leave on the 28th, so we are in for all the other nights. I think the 26th is also sports team night .....
    18. RobnBecky
      I saw the change to the cruises. More time at the sexy pool. I already booked the 29th as well so we would be good either way.
    19. PBandJ
      yep, I got an email from Steve earlier, We will do that one. :)
    20. Bob&Ivy
      We are locked and loaded. Three weeks!!!!!! See you then.
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