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Jun 20, 2018
Feb 1, 2013
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Brent and Yvonne

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Jun 20, 2018
    1. GEO
      Hey guys, It's Tracy...hope all is well...I'm coming to TTR Sept 6-15 with my new bou....Geo and I are still good friends but hope to see you there!!
    2. Brent and Yvonne
      Brent and Yvonne
      Hey Guys. We didn't get to use it.......Yvonne got a new job so no trip this year. Hopefully early next spring.....I have heard GP is nice.
    3. Howard757
      I hope you got to use your free week. Any idea where we'll be spending this Halloween? We're looking at the Grand Parmissius.
    4. Brent and Yvonne
      Brent and Yvonne
      Gooseout. We had a great time...Looking forward to the next trip. Travel safe.
    5. Howard757
      Leaving today, just wasn't the same without ya'll last night. What's Tony and Deanna's Cancun Care name?
    6. Brent and Yvonne
      Brent and Yvonne
      Hey Guys. We are there Oct 25 - Nov 1.
      Signed up for the Boobs Cruise Oct 26th.
      Packed and Ready to Go!!
    7. Howard757
      We'll be there 10/27-11/2. Whats your schedule?
    8. Brent and Yvonne
      Brent and Yvonne
      Hey You Guys....We just got back from Temptation on Wednesday. Are you free to travel now?
    9. GEO
      Hey guys...any spring/summer trips in mind...I need a get away!!
    10. Dates4four
      Greeting fellow Canadians. We won't work for sex just spend $$ to enjoy it in different locales. Camie and Ralph
    11. bobandangie
      We will be there we shouldn't miss each other.are you going on the boobs cruise? 1st time for us. Can't wait to meet you and we love the sexy pool!
    12. tflexxin
      2-9 Our first time.
    13. tflexxin
      Temptations will be even better with more Vancouverites!!! North Van here.....(transplanted to AZ). See you all there.....
    14. slopoke3
      It's awesome that we're going to get to see you guys .....even if it is only for one day.
    15. Howard757
      Happy New Years, from Shannon and Howard
    16. GEO
      Hey guys....I'm back to going...yet another job and they are allowing me to go!! Yippee...I sent emails to your personal one. Wait on that tatoo!!!!! Please and thank you. See you in a few weeks!
    17. GEO
      Hey guys we just booked for halloween week again. Going Oct.28th. till Nov. 6th. Be nice if you could get there at that time again.
    18. GEO
      So is reality setting in for you guys??? Sucks here....just wondering how the "poop" situation Hope it has stopped for your sake. LOL... I finally finished with school but am starting my RN as soon as my license number comes. Ugh....will it ever end. Back to TTR sometime this Spring, I hope but definitely for Halloween again... hope all is well, take care...
    19. GEO
      Got home safely....will go through pics hopefully by the weekend and get some out to you. It was so great meeting you both...we had a blast. Can't wait for next time. Hope all is well and Yvonne, remember, NO MORE POOP!!!!!!!! lol
    20. Rick&Kelly
      Looks like we might have a dinner date getting planned?? Hope it all works with Jim and Cheryl and.. of course us! Can't wait to get to the resort and have some fun!
      Rick & Kelly
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