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Apr 25, 2018
Dec 29, 2014
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Enthusiast, from Montana

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Apr 25, 2018
    1. Dave and Judy
      Dave and Judy
      It was great to meet you 2 crazy kids...such a great group. We both are having TTR withdrawals. Hope to see you next time....
    2. Stella69
      Sorry If I was not clear , i have a huge crush on him and he is playing hard to get lol , cant wait until the 14th to party with ya all .especially sexy Rock with the jet black hair and beautiful smile
    3. Stella69
      hi guys , pic forsure as long as rock is included, I see you follow him on here , he is acting all shy with me ,lol, can you maybe encourage him abit
    4. Mike and Vicki
      Mike and Vicki
      For sure! Let us know when you guys can come up! I'll be at the campground all summer - you are welcome anytime!!! :)
    5. ShaneandJenny
      So glad to have met you guys. We have to figure out where to go next year while TTR is closed.
    6. AJ-L34
      Thank you both for being so kind and helpful to me. I am ashamed of getting so drunk in front of you!! You will always have a place in my heart
      Your friend AJ
    7. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Hey you two. Hope the rest of your vacation went well. It was great seeing you again. Hopefully it won't be the last. Looking forward to next years trip, just will all the reno talk might have to pick an alternative!!!
    8. AJ-L34
      Your very welcome Paula :) looking toward to having a few drinks and seeing you guys.. Brett, your wife is a natural beauty! Does she have a twin sister by any chance??? LOL.. See you both soon. Safe travels!!
    9. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Well now we have 8 more sleeps until we get to see you !
    10. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      Get off this website and start dinner will ya lol
    11. pvtnurse4u
      longest 10 days ever.. . ughhhhhhh,,,,got any tips to speed up time
    12. John & Michelle
      John & Michelle
      15 days for us a drink or 2 friends!
    13. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Hey you two please check for me (Gin) as I will likely be the one holding your drinks when you arrive. Gord is not overly reliable as the day goes on unless you arrive before 10:00am Lol
    14. Jerry_n_janie
      Thanks for the friend request. XoXo
    15. Naughty Newfies
      Naughty Newfies
      Thanks for the friend request and the pic comment, you have some very nice pics also. we will be there on 10-21 see you on the 14th.
    16. vodkatonic
      great pics btw ,,dam we need to add more
    17. vodkatonic
      thanks for the add...mike n sinD,,,,,aprill 22-29 say hi
    18. SEDUB
      probably next spring...we just returned on we havent discussed it yet
    19. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Will do for sure!
    20. kadc2729
      Damn we will be passing each other.
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