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Jan 31, 2015
Mar 8, 2014
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Northwest, USA


Enthusiast, from Northwest, USA

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Jan 31, 2015
    1. CaraEric
      We are first timers too! Sept 28 to oct 1. See you there!
    2. Jim*N*Sherry
      Are you as excited as us?? 60+ days seems sooooooo long! I added you as friends so we can stay in touch until we meet there! Hoping they book a cruise for us that week - will you be going if they do?
    3. Aguy6708
      Hey guys! Jack and I will be there sept 27- oct 4th! We have been before at this time of year... It is by no means dead! See you at TTR! I'll buy the first round... Haha
    4. Kim and Jim
      Kim and Jim
      Our first day is usually pretty rough by then. We'll look for you around the pool the next day.
    5. EastCoastBeachBum
      Hi everyone. I will be there Sept 25-29th with a friend or two. I really hope its not too quiet and dead? Never been to this resort but it sounds like so much fun. Looking forward to meeting you all at the bar, lol...Mike
    6. Kim and Jim
      Kim and Jim
      what time do you arrive on the 26th? Did you book a transfer already??
    7. Accutemp
      We will be there September 26 or 27 for a week
    8. Guido and Blondie
      Guido and Blondie
      Where in the Northwest are you guys from? We lived in North Idaho for 14 years.
    9. Chris & Alicia
      Chris & Alicia
      Hey there! We will be at TTR from Sept 27th- Oct 4th. Don't be too worried if the end of Sept looks a little slow on CCC. It's still early. We'll help keep you guys company! You'll have a blast there!
    10. cbrdon
      We are arriving around noon on the 20th, and then leave some time on the 27th. I'm not sure exactly when.
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    Northwest, USA
    Him- 30 yr old regular dude. Her- 30 year old hot babe who also goes by beachaholic on CCC

    At home-fitness & my kids' sports. On vacation- Booze & sex