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Nov 16, 2012
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Enthusiast, from St. Louis, Missouri

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Sep 22, 2018 at 6:20 AM
    1. Olderandwiser.
      Hey Chris! How are you keeping!
    2. mikeandtrisha
      Hey!!! Just wanted to touch base and see if y'all can send the pics at the foam party? We didn't get any and really wanted to have one. Hope you guys are well! My email is
    3. mikeandtrisha
      So much fun with you guys!!_ Let's stay in touch and maybe meet up at Temptations again!!
    4. jd3131
      hello fellow show me staters!
    5. RYAN&BETH
      I hear you on that one. We still don't know if we are going to make it this year. We have a leak in one of the pipes for our pool and it looks like we will have to remove some of the concrete to fix it.
    6. RYAN&BETH
      Any plans for ttr this year?
    7. PDXladies
      It was great meeting you guys!
    8. FunHsvCpl
      Wooo Hoooo..Are y'all ready for this?!?
    9. sunkissedtanning
      You guys ready???
    10. MandEOntario
      nice profile pic
    11. prcouple
      We are not sure, we wanted to rent a car drive to Chichen Itza , my wife has always wanted to go see the pyramids, we also want to due a cenote and Ek Balam the same day, is a full day thing, the cruise sounds like lots of fun but it seems like it will be very similar to the sexy pool party atmosphere!!!????
    12. prcouple
      Thats cool candens!!! Thanks for the reply!!! There are like 5 couples arriving our same date, I thought at least one other should arrive about the same time we due, I will not mind sharing a ride to Hotel!! I guess is a good way to meet other couples headed to TTR.... Hope to meet you soon!!!
    13. Shaela&Shaelo
      Now that's some great hair! Keep it up
    14. Jeff n Jill
      Jeff n Jill
      If you pay an additional $30, they will allow for you to stop by Walmart on the way to TTR for I think an hour(?) - you just have to make arrangements ahead of time for that. The information is on their site.

      See you soon!

    15. candens
      Jeff - super excited. We'll have to have a "few" shots for the Cardinals. We are flying AirTran - arrive at 1:00. USA Transfers to TTR!

      I was wondering about Walmart - will they stop there on the way to TTR or is that another trip?
    16. Jeff n Jill
      Jeff n Jill
      Glad you're taking the TTR plunge!
      There are several STL couples that will be there same time as you.
      Looks like we are flying out same time as you guys (Frontier 8am?)

      We are using USA Transfers to transport straight to TTR from the airport...with a possible stop by Wal-Mart for some supplies.

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