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Oct 28, 2018
Mar 7, 2012
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carl blank sam

Enthusiast, from NOVA SCOTIA

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Getting ready for Nov 21,2017 Oct 26, 2017

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Oct 28, 2018
    1. carl blank sam
      carl blank sam
      Getting ready for Nov 21,2017
    2. carl blank sam
      carl blank sam
      Since I was reading about the TROLL I went to our albums and they're were a bunch of othe pics used as cover pics of other people, I have deleted all of our pics , has anyone else noticed any issues?? Carl
    3. carl blank sam
      carl blank sam
      Thanks George , safe travels for all of you and the beers on me lol
    4. FLYERFAN44
      safe trip , see Guys you on the 12th around 2pm,
    5. carl blank sam
      carl blank sam
      We are just about there!!!!CAN'T WAIT TO MEET EVERYONE !!!! Come on Wed April 8
    6. Motorboatin SOB
      Motorboatin SOB
      We had probably our best vacation ever. We're heading back the same time next year. Hope we cross paths again some day. Keep in touch. Tell Sam we said hi.
    7. FLYERFAN44
      Hey Guy;s , Mig was wondering what theme nights sam is doing on the 12th ,13th, and 14th
    8. Motorboatin SOB
      Motorboatin SOB
      Hey guys we had a great time in Feb. We're planning on going back the same time next year. Have fun in April. Hope to see you back down there sometime.
    9. Footlong
      It will be good to see you both again, even if only for a couple of days! :)
    10. jessie1
      hi carlblanksam
    11. FLYERFAN44
      She is doing better thank,s , she had a M R I on her head last week because a cat scan in Nov showed a spot , she has to have a procedure done on Jan 21st here, but that will be Day Surgery and then travel to Moncton on Jan 28th to meet with the Cancer Oncologist, followed by another trip to N B on Feb 12th for reconstruction surgery, then hopefully that will be a end to this nightmare.
    12. FLYERFAN44
      Hey , I guess our April trips will overlap for a couple of days, is it the 15th you leave ?
    13. DuffBambi
      Let us know about Oasis Sens. We were thinking about going there in Feb. but on their website they are saying they welcome the gay community so Duff is a little reluctant. We will probably end up going to TTR in Feb for our 30th anniversary. Had a great time in Oct. but wish you guys were there!!
    14. DuffBambi
      Hey Carl!!! So good to hear from you! We are going to TTR Oct 11-17. Oh my gosh I hope you and Sam can go then too! How's your little grandbaby?
    15. FLYERFAN44
      Hey carl, thank's I will, although the Treatments are done they did say the the Burning of the skin will continue for another couple of weeks, very painfull and uncomfortable especially under the arm pit, but the worst is over hopefully, we return to the Doctor in Moncton next Thursday, hope all is well with you and Sam
    16. FLYERFAN44
      Hey Guys , just wondering how your trip went, hope all is well with you guys.
    17. iacouple45
      it was great to hang out with you two, we had fun maybe we will get to do it again sometime, ;)
    18. Joe and Tara
      Joe and Tara
      Thanks for the pic comment!
    19. no regrets
      no regrets
      hello polaris fan. looks we will be in mexico at the same time different resort, you will have to let me know how gov is break the place in hard. have fun have you got an 850 yet?
    20. iacouple45
      I like the way you think, I will bring some tequila, if they close the bars down early, like I have read... we can keep the party going...
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