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Aug 23, 2018
Mar 7, 2012
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carl blank sam

Enthusiast, from NOVA SCOTIA

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Getting ready for Nov 21,2017 Oct 26, 2017

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Aug 23, 2018
    1. iacouple45
      Tell Reg and Mel hi from us, we are looking forward to meeting you both also, we hope to visit for a day earlier in the week then party it up good Sat evening, although it doesn't appear to be a theme night unless we all make up our own. . . bring on the straight tequila. And see who is standing last. Lol
    2. iacouple45
      Hope to see you there, for a couple days..
    3. K&T
      We will make it a point to have a drink. We'll buy the first round.

    4. MelnReg
      Not cold enough! ;)Wish you guys were coming. We will definately be booking EARLY next time to get a good price and not waiting for other people to make up their minds. We got screwed big time $$$$ but no place we'd rather be. Hope you guys have fun, the reviews look good!
    5. FLYERFAN44
      Ahhh....that is great! Hope you guys have a wonderful trip!!! We will be arriving around 5:00 on the 28....maybe we could pop by for supper and compare notes....:)
    6. FLYERFAN44
      Hey , Did you guys book anywhere yet
    7. samifer6969
      cheers guys! just popped by to say hi and that it was so great to have met you :)
    8. Denise B
      Denise B
      Hey there new friend....I see you just got back. How was it? We go down on Friday and are looking for some fun in the sun. The Chaos Crew are a blast and were looking forward to seeing them.
    9. Sizzlinmomma
      Glad you had a good time. We are not sure about the boobs cruise, depends on our group. Know we ae doing a private tour of Chitzen Itza, can't wait for that.
    10. Shan and Trini
      Shan and Trini
      It was SOOO awesome meeting you guys too! We had so much fun and met so many super people :) It was -11 when we touched down...and only supposed to get colder :(
    11. carl blank sam
      carl blank sam
      Well we made it back safe and sound, met some great friends and wonderful people, we had some check in issues, supremely extra expensive if you have a penis ,I sure hope expedia helps me on this but besides that check and double check your itinerary, as per normal to much food and drink, rain every day for ten to twenty minutes but ok time
    12. Footlong
      Have fun guys, hope you have a safe trip there and back we'll have yahoo plan our dates better next time.
    13. curveybeauty
      only -14 Celsius today. I plan to stay inside and keep warm. We still have one month and one day left to wait.
    14. Shan and Trini
      Shan and Trini
      YAY! We are so excited!! And yes we will keep out eyes out for you guys :) We will be wearing orange bracelets and I got my toes painted orange yesterday so hopefully we will be identifiable to the other CC members too :D

      See you very soon!!
    15. FLYERFAN44
      hey, enjoy your trip next week, sam make sure carl wears sunblock this time early on, he was the most covered guy in mexico at the end of the last trip, we plan on booking our spring trip in early Jan, keep in touch and lets get our dates lined up.
    16. Shan and Trini
      Shan and Trini
      See you there! We are there 12-19 for our first time :D Can't wait!
    17. carl blank sam
      carl blank sam
      Ooh yes Sam wants to go away again in March or April
    18. FLYERFAN44
      yep, I have a big trial taking place and could not get away any sooner, but we are still planing on going in the spring, how about you guys
    19. FLYERFAN44
      hey guys, enjoy your trip , we will miss you by a couple of days,
    20. Jarred
      hey Thx for the add! see you in november!
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