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Jul 21, 2018
Sep 11, 2011
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Who cares? We are talking about going on vacation!


Guru, from USA

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30s couple Apr 1, 2018

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Jul 21, 2018
    1. ChangoDeMadera
    2. slocouple55
      Hello, I just read your old post about chartering the TTR Yacht. Did you ever take advantage of the member perk. I'm a member with the option to use but I have never seen the yacht. At the dock there's a good size boat with a blue cover but it definitely is not a yacht. Pleasure to meet you from CA
    3. Amy Jason
      Amy Jason
      It was nice meeting you both. We'll have to get together again since we don't live too far apart. Be sure to keep in touch.
    4. SALJ
      So great meeting you guys. You're both class acts. Hope our paths cross again!
    5. ChangoDeMadera
    6. EnigmaLittlestar
      We've been once in april 3 years ago ! It's time for us to get back Will you be on the boobs cruise on the 24th ?
    7. LoveHardStayBeautiful
      Hey's it going? Feels like June won't come fast enough!
    8. Btownplay247
      It's nice to see that you are coming back in June this year and for that long of a trip. I want to say that we met you two briefly last year, but it rained a lot and that was a short trip for us. We will be there June 13-22, so this year we are definitely looking forward to knowing you guys better!!
    9. R&BSOCAL
      Nice! Can't wait to meet you two. Will be arriving with 2 other couples. :daveandmo::partytime:
    10. JSOKO
      This site will not let us PM for some reason.
      It seems there are people form all over the place. its like we are almost neighbors. lol
    11. Joe and Tara
      Joe and Tara
      So glad you guys can make it this year! We'll see you on the 14th when you get in. We're there 11-18.
    12. KNK3
      when are you guys returning this year?
    13. timandkim
      Hey are you booked I did see you on the list
    14. n8ivetxns
      Hey - so did you end up booking June '14 at TTR?
    15. Trav1
      Hey guys! Are u booked for 8th - 18th June next year? :) x
    16. Trav1
      Miss you both already! What an awesome time we had hanging out! We're booking to come back first two weeks of June 2015!
    17. FKA 11"
      FKA 11"
      How was the trip I want all dirty little secrets especially since you didn't have to run from the eleven incher. Lol
    18. DeNeufaille
      Nice...hope to meet up for laughs and drinks. Of course, assuming that am still functioning after a few days off the wagon, hell maybe under the wagon but away from the wheel. lol
    19. Joe and Tara
      Joe and Tara
      I just hopped online to check CCC... glad you guys made it! We're going to dinner then white night, so hope we'll see you there. We've already met a lot of the CCC folks, and this place is a blast!
    20. Joe and Tara
      Joe and Tara
      We've only been here for a late afternoon and evening...and we're having a blast!
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    Who cares? We are talking about going on vacation!
    Living life in the moment!

    having fun and meeting people from around the world!


    See you at the pool June 14-28!! :clappyinghappy:
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