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Feb 4, 2010
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NB Canada


Enthusiast, from NB Canada

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Oct 20, 2018 at 3:51 PM
    1. javacouple
      see you there!
    2. LadynTramp
      Come back in July!
    3. Notti
      Say hi if you see us? We won't recognize you from your pic
    4. SWFL Couple
      SWFL Couple
      Good for you! 4 days for us. Yes, sounds great. Please provide a better face photo so we can recognize you both! Save us a seat at the sexy pool and drinks are on us!
    5. SWFL Couple
      SWFL Couple
      We will be there on mid day on the 12th. Be sure to keep the sun Hot and the ice cubes cold!
    6. Notti
      Hey you two,,,looking forward to a warm spot in November...see you on the beach!? We will be there November 11-18
    7. sammiwt
      We will be there Nov 10th to 19th hope we get to meet you. This will be our 9th time
    8. coupleoffun2132
      We do not have any bands as of yet. Just trying to figure out the value of having them. On the down low we would no be opposed to wearing any band if we decided they were of value...wink wink...haha
    9. coupleoffun2132
      Do you guys get the orange wristbands or the white with lips writsbands (wink wink)? Or do you just wear the ones provided at the hotel? Is there any value in having the wristbands?
    10. coupleoffun2132
      Be sure to come by and say hello, if we don't first. Looks like we will just have 1 day overlapping!
    11. socalcpl951
      Speaking of "crazy" How is it going? About 10 more weeks until we blow the place up!!!
    12. vanislcpl
      We have visited temptaion four times now. None disappointing. We were at the cabo resort also but had a pretty bad experience. We were rufied. Wasn't good.
    13. vanislcpl
      Thats for sure. Have you been to temptation before? Its a little run down but like you said its about the people. Great party all day
    14. vanislcpl
      Ahhhhhh desire. We have never been there. Sounds like a nice place but we really love to party and we hear it could be a bit quiet at night. The sex tub sounds like fun though
    15. vanislcpl
      Does that meen you will be naked all the time or just be around lots. Both are ok with us lol
    16. vanislcpl
      Thanks for the friend request. Do you guys have a trip planned. We will be in cancun nov 3rd to the 14th. Hope to see you guys there. Lots of great people at that time
    17. socalcpl951
      Hi...we arrive on the 24th. First timers and ready to party. Hope to see you around the sexy pool!
    18. MandEOntario
      Nice profile pic, fellow Cdns
    19. Leilani
      Hey you guys, sorry to bug you but this is the tail end of the Miss Temptation contest and I am behind in votes. Do you have any friends that may be willing to vote for me? They can vote with multiple email addresses if they are so inclined. Miss Temptation Contest 2012 Even if I don't win, I appreciate the support. I'm just not ready to give up quite yet. I have until tomorrow, 3pm EST, so I'm going to keep trying for it! Thank you. =)
    20. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      hey there! looks like we will be seeing you in cabo, gonna be fun.!
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