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Nov 13, 2016
Jan 8, 2014
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October 12
Canton, Ohio


Newbie, from Canton, Ohio

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Nov 13, 2016
    1. cherylandkeith
    2. jeff & deb
      jeff & deb
      so close we can almost taste it...LOL
    3. cherylandkeith
      Well Brian you won't be alone in fun. Many of us do the same. I think you need to book a month or so ahead. I book 5 - 6 months ahead but that is because of Desire reservations. (harder to get)
      But if you are down there, or get reservations while we are going to be there than let us know. ALWAYS nice to meet new people.
      Keith and Cheryl
    4. BriandLisa48
      Thanks, That is what I have been reading. I have had friends that have been several times and loved it. Everyone I know is either married or in a relationship. I have been widowed for over 10 years now and really want to go somewhere like this that is adult only and have the time of my life. This sounds like just the place. Maybe I will see you guys down there. I'm the type that is not arrogant nor the annoying type but I do love to have a damn good time and don't mind being the life of the party, even if I make a fool of myself.
    5. BriandLisa48
      I haven't set the dates yet. I have been looking to meet some people on here so my first trip would go a little better. Going alone is, well, a little scary. Don't get me wrong, I have been military most of my life and have traveled alone a lot, but going to a party spot like this, I would love to know some people before hand. I could look and see if that week has any openings and go the same week you guys are going. I have built up a lot of vacation time and plan on staying down for a while. I have even thought about heading to Desire. Can you tell me anything about it?
    6. cherylandkeith
      Yes it will be here before my tan is ready. LOL Looking forward to drinks by the pool with all.
    7. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      Seems like it took forever for April to get here ! Let the countdown begin ! April 30 doesn't seem that far away now.
    8. cherylandkeith
      One month from Today.
    9. adamnterri
      Unfortunately will miss u guy's, will be there 8th to 16th then couple days at a different resort.
      Terri & Adam
    10. cherylandkeith
      2015 April 28th -to- May 5th. Then off to Deisire Riviera Maya for a week.
    11. DD_Mike
      Hey guys, we will be there Apr 23-May 1. Be great seeing ya again!
    12. cherylandkeith
      With all the cold (2 again this morning) we have to say yes. If i don't go crazy by the time we get there.
      If your flying out of Cleveland check out the "Americas Best Value Inn" deal. Stay one night and park there for free for up to 2 weeks. ($65.00 room). They have a 24/7 airport shuttle. We did it last year and it not only saves money but it is soooo much easier when flying out.
      See you soon,
      Keith and Cheryl
    13. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      Are you two wishing you could skip right to April ? Thank goodness we had a mini get-away to Orlando two weeks ago. We were able to recharge in the sunlight and warmth enough to hopefully get us through till TTR in April !
    14. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      Hey - another OHIO couple ! We usually go down to TTR with several other couples -- from Bellevue, Toledo, Upper Sandusky, and we are from Cortland. This year we were not able to schedule it with them in March, but will be there April 30 - May 3. We will have to look you up when we get there. Got a great price and Frontier out of CLE !
    15. cherylandkeith
      Back to TTR on april 28th. Then Desire on May 5th. hope to see you there.
    16. Jackson...Hole
      Welcome new friend!
    17. L&K
      We are arriving there on the 22nd c ya there
    18. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      We were supposed to go the 20th but had some issues with work so we can't go. May try to get back in oct
    19. cherylandkeith
      Just 1 week to go. Can't want for the 16 - 30th.
      Keith and Cheryl
    20. cherylandkeith
      2 weeks from TODAY. Can't wait to see you all.
      Cheryl and Keith
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    October 12
    Canton, Ohio
    We are a fun loving Cpl that decided not to grow up ** LOL

    In Cancun fun, sun and More * Swinger Friendly *


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