Chris and April
Jul 25, 2011
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Chris and April

Guru, from Minneapolis

Registered Member
    1. BradSue24
      Skol !!!! Enjoy the Game on Sunday. We will be at TTR mid April.
    2. hotfem
      there is one more couple joining us for 5 days cant remember which days though lol
    3. aaronheidi74
      I have a feeling its all going to be a blur!!! I saw you two were staying on Isla the first few days. I was thinking maybe a group of us could head over that way maybe around 10/28 and do the golf cart tour of the island. Would you two wanna meet up and maybe be our tour guides? Might be a good warm up for the wine tasting later that evening back at Sens.....or could end up being a total shit show. Either way, it'd be fun!!!
    4. aaronheidi74
      Vikings @ Chicago on 10/31!!! As if our day needed any more excitement :)
    5. Bob & Angela
      Bob & Angela
      Lord knows the we'll need him (AP) for Cowboys after the whole DeMarco Murray thing :(
    6. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Sorry for opening old wounds! Still think you will see AP in the backfield next year. They are not going to give him away; the price will be real steep.
    7. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      See you are a Viking fan. Ya baby! Going in the right direction for a change, which is great, since I haven't recovered from what happened in 1998/2009 yet.
    8. P&B
      I don't fly out till 830pm on the 24th, enough time to get a full pool day & dinner before I head out. See you guys at the pool, I'll have some shots ready and trying to survive my last day at the resort. Cheers!
    9. Chris&Rhonda
      We'll be arriving on the 20th see you on the 24th
    10. Chris&Rhonda
      Hi you two, we met last year. Your going back the same week this year?
    11. britsrhot2
      You have the same dates as us , see you there .
    12. fjsone1
      Hope to see you guys at TTR!
    13. thekayssandr
      look us up we're there at the same time as you
    14. MS Couple
      MS Couple
      We are booked at TTR June 13-20
      Maybe we will see you there
    15. Bob & Angela
      Bob & Angela
      Wasssssup !!!!!
    16. Randy&Kay
      hello there. saw y'all were going to be at TTR around the same time as we are. Wanted to say hello.
      Randy & Kay
    17. SandBJ
      We are going out March 11-14 to TTR. And then staying at pearl for 3 days. Little nervous about going to TTR since it's spring break but all should be fine.
    18. SandBJ
      Hey from mn! Did the vikes really find a way to lose Sunday? Hope to see ya at TTR someday
    19. Tony from CaliBay
      Tony from CaliBay
      Hello Chris and April. Hope to meet you in Feb and toast a variety of drinks! Have a great day!
    20. DonCulo
      Thanks for getting me the correct website can't wait to come back for Halloween again it might be 2016 though. I had the best time in my life.
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