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Sep 5, 2017
Mar 23, 2014
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Addict, from Eastern Ontario, Canada

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Sep 5, 2017
    1. J.P. & LISA
      J.P. & LISA
      hey I think I'm finally getting the right Chris and Kev how you guys doing we met you a few years ago had dinner had a great time hope to see you again and temptations we're going back in September
    2. Hailey&Rusty
      Are we ever going to see yall again????????????? We are booked for September 2017!!!!! COME ON!!!! ~H
    3. Kevin_Ailsha
      Hope things are all good. We're back sept 10-15. Ya'll gonna try to make it back before the closure. Would love to see ya'll!
    4. ChrisandKev
      Yes we had a friggin blast last May with everyone! So sad we can't make it this time :( If we could, believe me we would! We're looking at a week in Oct. hopefully!
    5. Hailey&Rusty
      Rusty and I were looking back at photo's from May's trip... OMG.. So much fun!!!!! We are going to miss you both!!!!!!!
    6. Kevin_Ailsha
      Hate to hear we will miss ya'll in May but understand. We are looking at sept 10-15.
    7. Alice & The White Rabbit
      Alice & The White Rabbit
      Gonna miss you two this year, but October is a ways away, perhaps a second trip! We've always wanted to do Halloween there!
    8. Guido and Blondie
      Guido and Blondie
      Hi guys, we are hoping to see you two this year as well. We are going to be there May 6th-14th. May 6 and 7 are totally sold out but there is always the 8th on.
    9. ChrisandKev
      aww shit guys, Thanks for checkin in! ;) We're really trying to make it but just can't say for sure yet, gotta wait on Kev's work! We'll certainly post to the May board asap if we know! Miss u guys! Its been a long friggin winter in Canada lol
    10. Kevin_Ailsha
      As long as we are all making our pleas count us as also eagerly awaiting your May dates!
    11. FLHX_HOG
      Yeah, what Hailey said, you guys going to make it back this year?
    12. Hailey&Rusty
      Status of yalls dates... Lol.
    13. Hailey&Rusty
      I sure hope that yall can make it. We are going May 5-12th. We have already booked!! If yall came the week of the 7th that would be perfect!!!
    14. Hailey&Rusty
      Hey loves.. Are yall going back in MAY???? Really miss you both!
    15. Hailey&Rusty
      Back at work today.. BOO... I think the worst part is not having a Mimosa with Breakfast this morning.. Take me back to TTR!!!!!!!!!!!
    16. dk&lin
      Hey kids..... looks like you had a great trip... so bummed that our April dates didnt cross but hoping that october works out.. Enjoy your summer XO dk
    17. BostonMel
      Ugh I so hear you.. We'll see if I can make fall happen.. Doubtful, but fingers crossed.. I hate waiting a whole year! lol
    18. jimandsandra
      Kev, As I said to you at Paty o when you two were getting ready for the boobs cruise. Thanks man. Sandra was on a high... Kind of wish most nights were lingerie night. I think the next trip outfits will be a little different. Got the thumbs up for halloween. Next is to figure out if it is possible...
    19. BostonMel
      Love you guys! So glad I met you both. Can't wait to do it all again!!! Xoxo
    20. Kevin_Ailsha
      We feel the same bout u Canucks!
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