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Aug 8, 2012
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Addict, from Kentucky

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christy&brad was last seen:
Oct 23, 2018 at 4:59 AM
    1. digdeep
      Omg to funny we are Krista and Brad and the resemblance when Brad had his stach is crazy lol. Hope to see you poolside for a laugh.
    2. Bourbon Life
      Bourbon Life
      Hi guys, looks like we will miss ya by a bit but it was good to see more peeps from, KY!!
      We are just south of the ville in Bourbon Country.
    3. B and T
      B and T
      Hi guys, we will be there in April for most of your dates. We look forward to meeting you!
      Brian & Terresa
      Hey christy,just heard from Paul that you were having trouble with air,aren't prices crazy.Tracy and I just caught a great deal through fun jet. I don't know if they fly out of your area but worth a try,quit buying up all the sexy swimsuits, your creating a shortage the other ladies are starting to complain.We are looking forward to seeing you and Bradley again Al & Tracy
    5. christy&brad
      Hey AL! Give my congrats to Tracy that is awesome!!!! My bottoms are smaller compared to a few swim skirts I tried to wear in April that Delicious made me take off. I won't forget that. She was like " WTH are you wearing??" LOL! I'm deeply contemplating getting a thong to wear but I still have a bit of love handles so..that may not work. Still a few weeks of crossfit classes to go..maybe I can shrink them some more. Between Tracy's, Lisa's and my weight loss..we might burn the joint down with our hotness. :) See you guys soon!
      1. fitaid2018
        Huge crossfit fan here. We will be at temptantion in august together.
        Aug 8, 2018
      HEy CHristy congrats on the weight loss TRacy has been dieting also she is down over forty pounds since April SHe says go small on your swimsuit seach they always seem to fall off anyway she just bought a suit from Malibu strings will she wear it we'll have to see looking forward to seeing you and brad for Halloween Al & TRacy
    7. Delicious
      Well I'm hoping to be there for Halloween as well so I will see you then.
      I'll make sure to bring the fireball
    8. Delicious
      Hey Twang Sweetie how are you???
      So funny I was just chatting with Juicy on the phone and we were laughing about the April trip and I was telling her how I wanted to cut you bathing suit up the first day. LOL
      Then I open my cc account and there you are!!!!
      So great to hear from you!!!!
      I'm going to be at TTR Aug 28 - Sep 11.
      Come meet me there love
    9. You'reDoingWhat?
      We skipped April to move Joyce to Wyoming! We are planning on Halloween !!
    10. kimandkorri
      All is well here. Storm just passed a short while ago. A little spooky but no damage. The bad storm was north of us. Thanks for your concern and hope to see you in October!!
    11. christy&brad
      Yes, I am multi-talentled for a drunken blonde but everyone at TRR already knows that! I am sure there are pics floating around somewhere. :) LOL!

      You hold up it up by the arm loops, the one in your right hand you put your left arm thru and the wrap the rest around your torso in the front until the other end is wrapped around you and the other arm hole meets your right arm. Then you can shape it as demurely as you prefer. My had a deep V in the front and hung crack low (Kentucky Technical term) in the back...but at least my crack was tan. :) You guys should think about Halloween. Theme nights on Halloween are AWESOME! Miss you guys already!
    12. Tweb
      So I got my cover up. How the hell you put it I certainly could not have figured it out after drinks in the sexy pool :)
    13. lfiess
      Thanks for the compliment.. it has been a hard 8 weeks but totally worth it. Looking forward to the next 9 weeks of hard work so I can show that tushi
    14. JimCarrie
      Fanfreakintastic post about Bustin yer A$$...
      Perfectly put except for one thing. Yer CCC friends "know who You are" and we do "give a sh*t"... at least that you are happy havin a gr8 time & we WILL see you & your smaller A$$ @ the Sexy Pool. Hasta!
    15. mike&susan
      cant wait this will be our 2nd time there. had a blast the first time.
    16. Tvillcouple
      Yes we are going from the april 17th to the 24th.
    17. Tc123123
      Hey guys just wanted to say it looks like we will be there the same days. Hopefully we will have a drink together.
    18. JimCarrie
      Hi Guys. We'll be @ TTR 4/17 for our 3rd X-cursion. Hope to meet & greet U there...
    19. christy&brad
      SO FREAKING FUNNY! I was just on here getting ready to message you P&L. Great minds and all that. Looking forward to seeing you guys as well. :) SO EXCITED! Now i just need to get Joyce and Alan to move their dates.... :-)
    20. Fredmgill
      AWESOME!!! We arrive on the 15th. Got lots of friends there, it will be a great time. We are planning on possibly hosting a toy party, been working on some games, may have to repeat our past game. We are real excited to see you again! Paul & Lisa
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