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May 22, 2012
Feb 11, 2011
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Enthusiast, from Colorado

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May 22, 2012
    1. JustChillin21
      Well, we're all booked and ready to go march 6-16.... come one come all ;)
    2. CapeCodShorties
      Thats great....I'm glad.
      Chinos is great!!!
    3. slopoke3
      We're home now --we had such fun and it great meeting you two. Looking forward to next time!
    4. CapeCodShorties
      CapeCodShorties was your trip? Did you get your swimsuit in time? pics
    5. colocpl
      Yes JC--we had a blast! Thanks for giving me some new dance tips...the cancuncare group led the resort in fun!!
    6. JustChillin21
      Waaay to awesome meeting you guys! We seriously have to keep in contact!!!
    7. MelissaNRoss
      Hi! Don't know if you'll get this since technically you're by the pool having a great time! We're coming in tomorrow for one night, love to say hi. We're from Parker.

      Melissa and Ross
    8. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      Hey guys, thanks for the friend request-I think how they run this is pretty awsome-get to know the people prior to meeting:) great idea. Soo looking forward to getting there, we fly in Thursday night-hope to be at hotel by 10 the latest, well off to pull out summer clothes now woo hoo:)
    9. dandbiowa
      we are booked for the cruise, gonna be a blast!
    10. colocpl
      Absolutely! We had a great time in Jamaica too--however, I like the idea of getting off at IM to check out the island...glad you are on board!
    11. dandbiowa
      we hear you about the cruise, we have been on one in jamaica, and it was so crazy, brannen and i thought it was a dream. i am pretty certain we will go, what a great way to spend our last day, right?
    12. pa12south
      Hey guys thanks for the friends request. We will not be going to the resort in early March we changed our plans. The wife got a bit nervous after reading some things so we where going to go back to Jamaica, Hedo 2. Instead we are now going to the Keys and Miami (south beach), never been there. Let us know how your trip goes.
    13. Kayandgraham
      thanks for invit look forward to meeting u
    14. CKone
      Hi guys! When do you two arrive? We get in on the 25th and are totally looking forward to school girl night on Mar. 1.. See ya down there!
    15. Kent&Nancy
      Hi Guys! Looking forward to meeting you guys as well. We are soo excited! We are new to this website and not really sure how to sign up for the catamaran cruise. Is that a "boob cruise"? Cause we are all over that! Do you guys know of any planned nightly activities through out the week? We want to make sure we come prepared :)
      Kent & Nancy
    16. dandbiowa
      we will try to save some tequila for you guys! can't wait to meet you both!
    17. colocpl
      Looking forward to meeting you! Let us know what you think of the cruise--hopefully the one on the 6th will book...
      Steve & Steph
    18. Laid Back Lenny
      Laid Back Lenny
      Hi, just checked messages. Thanks for bring us on board. We are leaving in 12 hrs. but won't get to TTR until the 26th but will be on the boobs cruise on the 25th. See you then. Len and Vicki
    19. rieldeal
      Dah, I see your already signed up, disregard. Looking forward to meetin you guys. Norm
    20. colocpl
      Yes, rieldeal--we are on the cruise! Very excited to exit snow and get our buns in the sun!
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