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Jul 29, 2018
Mar 22, 2010
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Regular, from Illinois, near St. Louis

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Jul 29, 2018
    1. bnvboise
      Yikes! Maybe we need to takes ours down. :-/ All is well here. Just finished a MTB trip in Moab, UT. Now, I need to get in shape for Cancun. Funny, because cycling shape is not TTR shape. Gym time.
    2. bnvboise
      Uh, you need to make a photo album. :)
    3. n8ivetxns
      Looks like we will miss y'all this year. We are going July 3-9 this year. Have fun.
    4. Joe and Tara
      Joe and Tara
      Are you guys making it to TTR this year? Somehow we missed connecting last year. :(
    5. Over The Top
      Over The Top
      Yes first trip! We look forward to seeing you!
    6. Over The Top
      Over The Top
      Thanks the friend add, we are planning for june 10th thru the 18th!
    7. babette95
      I just saw you guys get there the day after we leave. Too bad! We would have loved to get to know you. We saw the pic of your car. Jimmy has a Shelby GT500.
    8. IIoakleyII
      If we can find you guys we will be sure to do so. Next month can't come soon enough.
    9. sjw2014
      Bummer... We'll get it warmed up for y'all!
    10. sjw2014
      We'll be there 6/5 - 6/10. How about you two?
    11. Joe and Tara
      Joe and Tara
      We are there at TTR June 11-18, see you at the pool!
    12. julz2174
      Looking forward to meeting you both.. see you poolside on June 12th..:) Julie & Mike
    13. eric ride
      eric ride
      its that time of year when the water can be cool in the pools but its never "cold". Its kind of a temperature transition time, but it all seems warm coming from the weather we have here, well bummer we hope to see you guys down there at some point someday, we usually go that first week of March due to Lisa's Birthday(6th) and our anniversary is 3 days later, but who knows maybe one of these days we can break that cycle, taking the kids to FL over thanksgiving break, so that will be our family tropical vacation, then our couple adult vacation in March. Well stay in touch hope to see you guys soon sometime! cya

      Eric and Lisa
    14. eric ride
      eric ride
      Hey guys just wanted to let you know our next TTR dates, had a blast hanging out with you guys at Bart and Annette's so if the dates work out that would be great if not maybe another time but were going again March 3rd to the 11th for Lisa's B-day and our anniv. hope to see you guys down there sometime!
    15. eric ride
      eric ride
      We are in Grafton,IL every weekend let us know if you guys want to meet up for a drink, or hell if you want to go hang out on the beach during the day and have a few let us know, we will be there this Friday through sunday afternoon, and you can bring the kids too since we always have ours!! swim at the pool in the harbor or sit at the bar!
    16. Mrs ride
      Mrs ride
      Awesome meeting you guys! This is really Lisa :)...Eric refuses to log in as me now since I threw him under the bus on Saturday....Can't wait to meet up again with you all!
    17. eric ride
      eric ride
      Awesome pics guys, we had a blast meeting you, see ya soon!
    18. n8ivetxns
      Hi!! Are you going back to more June this year? Missed you guys last year.
    19. dktelectric
      Next trip April 17-24, 2014!!
    20. MandEOntario
      looking great you two!
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