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Oct 12, 2018
May 27, 2012
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Enthusiast, from Toronto, Ontario Canada

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Oct 12, 2018
    1. TomAndTabi
      Can't wait to see you guys, again! It's been way too long!
      1. crazy likes this.
      2. Loukat
        Yes it's been a long time !! We will see you in June
        Apr 13, 2018
        TomAndTabi likes this.
    2. Cuckold couple34-45
      Cuckold couple34-45
      the beach Rivieramaya caribbean cancun lifestyle group if you would like to be added just comment below, We have a new private group called Rivieramaya cuckold lifestyle couples caribbean, this group it's only for real and serious couples who loves travel to the caribbean and wants to enjoy the lifestyle in a very comfortable and safe way, if you want to get in, just let us know, or just Add Pierre rivieramaya ( facebook account ), have a nice day everyone
    3. NikeRitaGhis
      And we were already friends here also! Lol.
    4. MS Couple
      MS Couple
      Looking forward in seeing you guys; we arrive next Saturday Afternoon
    5. MS Couple
      MS Couple
      Only 34 Days to Go!!!!!! It's Getting Close
    6. Joe and Tara
      Joe and Tara
      Hi guys, we'll be there June 11-18, so we'll see you all at the pool!
    7. Wattsup
      Looking forward to seeing you again. We can't wait for June to come. It's supposed to snow here again tonight. Mike and Cindy
    8. shinerfrog
      Thanks for the friend request. We are there June 11-19. Looking forward to meeting y'all!
      Tom & Lorie
    9. MS Couple
      MS Couple
      We are booked at TTR June 13-20
      Maybe we will see you there
    10. Wattsup
      Hey guys, thanks for the friends request. We are booked for June 12-21. Hope to see you then.
    11. PASportsGuy
      Hey guys, hope all is well. We just booked for June 12-18. Are you guys thinking of going back?
    12. tony&melissa
      Just cant wait!!! :) Please be on the look out for us since you'll have already locked the place down!
    13. tony&melissa
      Thanks for the friend request! We are going to be at desire pearl from 10/08 and then moving to temptation from 10/10 to 10/13. Are you guys going to be there there then?
    14. $parkie7
      Looks like we are going to be there Oct. 2 - 8.
    15. $parkie7
      I'm glad we are going to get to see y'all in October!!!
    16. MS Couple
      MS Couple
      Thanks for becoming one of our friends. See you in TTR someday
    17. Rob & Lizzie
      Rob & Lizzie
      Hi guys,thanks for the friend request,can't wait now !
    18. DennisandErica
      We are really looking forward to our next trip. This will be our 6th time there. We love the place! See you then!
    19. DennisandErica
      Thanks for the friend request! When will you be heading back to TTR?
    20. Bruce_Pam
      Thanks for the friend request!
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    Happily married couple for over 23 years


    1st trip June 6-11 2012.
    2nd Trip June 14-23 2013.
    3rd Visit Oct 2-13/2014

    Gary & Rita
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