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Feb 10, 2011
Feb 15, 2010
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Enthusiast, from Halifax N.S. Canada

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Feb 10, 2011
    1. allaboutsun
      Hey you two, it was really great meeting you down in Cancun! You're a great couple and we are very glad we met you. Thanks for welcoming us into your group :)
    2. workhardplayhard
      Hey folks- can't wait to hit the beach and the bar - hope the cruise happens on the 24'th
    3. ABTM101
      Looks like we'll be there the same time...hope to meet you guys..always fun to pre-meet, break the ice so you can hit the ground running.
    4. mrsbud
      getting there on the 22 also .. this is our first time .. see you there!
    5. Dougout2424
      The 28h cruise is on a Sunday if that makes any difference......
    6. danaandcat
      Hey DeeJerm310, Looks like there will be lots of people and fun to be had. The winter here is getting long and we are looking forward to some R&R. See ya at the pool.
    7. DeeJerm310
      Hey looks like we will be there the same time as you guys...our first time, not sure what to expect, all we read is that this is the place to PARTY, DRESS SEXY and HAVE FUN!! We are so looking forward to spending a week at TTR...CHEERS!
    8. JanScott
      Guess this is sort of like chat, lol.
    9. JanScott
      You won't be disappointed at all. Keep an open mind, participate participate participate... Lingerie night is fun but better done with a group who are dressed up. We all had our first, lol. We try to go twice a year and it is all because of the people we have met there.
    10. JanScott
      No chat per say (that I know of anyways) but there is this, the visitor messages. Welcome to the board and to TTR. I can see a future repeater already ;)

      Us Canadians are slowly taking over...World TTR domination, lol.
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