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postal worker, medical office worker


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Aug 1, 2013
    1. nickandkitty
      I'm not worried about them. Over all this time I have a little cred :).
      The dates are set but we are still working with Castaways as they get the contract nailed down. Apparently there has been a change in office staff in the last few weeks and they are still getting squared away again.
      Told you that you were on my island... why would I want to go if you weren't going anymore? :D
      We will keep our fingers crossed for Brannen and hope to see you guys. When does he pick? We usually do ours at the end of November or beginning of December, but being #2 in seniority I never have a problem.
    2. nickandkitty
      Yeah... had to spend a little less time over THERE and more time here. Thanks for your comments on the trip report thing. I appreciate your faith :). I was going to just let it go. I gotta tell you what a tremendous weight off my shoulders by sticking to moving... so much more looking forward to next year's trip than I was this one.
    3. colocpl
      Excellent! Glad to hear it...I think it should be a blast--hoping for sun now!!
    4. colocpl
      We have been to Isla Mujeres and you can take a cruise like ours where you will know more people, etc. or take another package (random and there might be kids on it) or you can take a ferry over to the island on your own. IMO the island is ok--it is the sailing over, snorkeling, fun with the people on the cat that make the trip...hope you guys can make it.
    5. colocpl
      Save some tequila for those of us arriving later!
    6. Laid Back Lenny
      Laid Back Lenny
      Hi, Look forward to meeting you at TTR. We leave MN. in 12 hrs. Yeah!! Satying at Casa Maya for a week and then TTR. Hope to meet you soon. Len and Vicki
    7. pa12south
      Where in Jamaica are you going in Nov?
    8. pa12south
      We where going to try hedo. We been to Jamaica 2x before, went to breezes and grand lido braco (great nude beach at braco). Instead though we are going to Key West. Friends have told us how much fun they have there. We are going to fly into Miami and drive down to the keys. The hotel has a small topless area, not sure till we get there if anyone actually goes topless. I am sure it is not like Temptations. After reading some reports on here about Mexico, aggressive single guys, drinks being spiked with certain things the wife got a bit worried. So we changed our plans. We are looking at trying the resort maybe Dec this year with a group of friends. Please let us know if you like it. Where in Iowa are your from? My wife is from Iowa.
    9. sonya and nick
      sonya and nick
      Our first time also at temptations what time on the Feb 27th do you arrive at my birthday party!
    10. SUN SEEKER
      Looking foward to meeting you guys definatly a fun place !!!!!!!!
    11. David & Rhonda
      David & Rhonda
      Hi ! I'm David and my wife is Rhonda. I see we are going to be at TTR at the same time. Not our first Cancun trip but first at TTR. We can't wait. I've been seeing where a lot wear orange arm bands that identify as members of this forum, I guess as it gets closer to March we might see more about that??? Anyway, this forum does let everyone know a little about other guests before they arrive.. Hope to see you there.
    12. slopoke3
      Thanks for the shout out. Look forward to meeting you guys. Tim & Laurie
    13. bobby slack
      bobby slack
      you are gonna love it-maybe we'll see you there!! rob and sue
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