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Mar 11, 2018
Apr 27, 2014
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Lancashire UK


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Mar 11, 2018
    1. wild1s
      Safe travels tomorrow. See ya Saturday!
      Sindy & Sam
    2. jhoward8
      Cant wait to see you guys again. I will be there May24th.
    3. Mork and Mindy
      Mork and Mindy
      Was great to meet you both , hope you had a good journey home , albeit like us you probably had an empty hollow feeling in your stomach as you drove towards the airport . Certainly Mandy had a great time in Paty O ,,,, you may of noticed LOL , she loves to let her hair down and tease the men on the dance floor , hows lynseys arm ,,, think you said the plaster would be of by now
      All the breast ,,, Mark + Mand
    4. Mork and Mindy
      Mork and Mindy
      was good to meet you both ,,,,, just like you we had to drag ourselves away from TTR a couple of days after you left ,,,,, leaves an empty feeling in your stomach when they cut the red bands off doesnt it , but we had a great time and mandy loved the party atmosphere at Paty O ,,,,, you may of noticed LOL
    5. jhoward8
      It was great meeting you guys and hope its the beginning of a great friendship with the entire group. Hopefully we can all plan a trip back together.
    6. r&a 1964
      r&a 1964
      Thanks for joining our group of friends we had a great time.
    7. Jerry_n_janie
      We will be there 22-27, hope to see you there!!!
    8. alex.armor.work
      sounds great! I will "buy" the first round lol. Still a little aprehensive about coming down alone, but we shall see. I have one friend that is seeing if she can get off work and come with, but as i say we shall see. Either way, i know im gonna have fun and cant wait to meet yall.
    9. alex.armor.work
      Hi folks, I am going to be there for the first time June 4-8! My dad set it up as a birthday gift for me as i turn 29 june 6. He also did it because he says it will be so much fun it will make up for the last several years of bad birthdays due to my now ex-wife lol. Looking to get to know some folks that will be there the same time so i dont feel completely lost when my boots hit the ground lol. Hope to talk to you guys soon and get to know you if yall are up to making a new friend!
    10. TigDog
      We will be there June 3 to 10 :). See you at the sexy pool!
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