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Nov 21, 2017 at 2:51 PM
Jul 5, 2012
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Fort Worth, Texas
Management & Clinical Practice Manager for a psych

Darin & Melissa

Mayor and 1st Lady of Octoberbreast, from Fort Worth, Texas

Registered Member
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Nov 21, 2017 at 2:51 PM
    1. prowler411
      it was VERY nice to meet you guys, We can tell that Melissa is definitly the life of the party. Hope to seeyou again
      Jay& Penny
    2. prowler411
      When were y'all wanting to try meet?
    3. prowler411
      Just let us know when you would like to get together, and also was it a good trip?
    4. Latinlover29
      I hope to meet you guys and hang out around, have a nice day. Your Mexican friend Humberto
    5. prowler411
      I would really like to LOOK y'all upwhen we get back
    6. prowler411
      too bad we will not be there when y'all are there. We are almost neighbors in Texas(Alvarado)
    7. Trapet
      So just to make sure that everyone knows our Names...We are Tracey and Pete. Last time we were at temptations we really kind of just did our own thing, but this time we are really stoked on meeting some "FUN" people. We have quite a few excursions planned and when we dont have to dive the next day we will be in third gear....so please come on up and say hello when you get a chance. Looking forward to meeting everyone and having a couple of patio parties!!! Just spent a decent amount of time on a playlist and I think we are set!!!
    8. Trapet
      Looking forward to meeting you! We're there the 13th-23rd
      Tracey & Pete
    9. CNC99999
      Is it time yet?
    10. CNC99999
      We have been to Cancun 5 times now. This will be our second too Temptations we had a blast last year. Unfortunatly we are not going to make the Boobs cruise this year since we fly out on the 16 and the cruise is the 17. Really bad timing on our part. Temptations is awesome it's not a 5 star hotel with 5 star resturants but it's clean the staff are friendly and the parties are off the hook. If you have never been be sure to check out the nightly events and dress accordingly just makes it that much better. Celia already has hew white night outfit and her fetish outfit...lol Also on the pool party night after the show everyone usually jumps in the pool just strip to your underwear and hop in, so dont where anything that will get trashed or destroyed by water. Just a heads up....
      Chris and Celia
    11. CNC99999
      Very nice deal!!! We booked thru Alpharooms.com a Uk based site and it ended up deing 460.00 cheaper than either travelocity or Expedia. We will be recommending this site if everything works out as planned. Look forward to seeing you both there.
    12. CNC99999
      Absolutely, would love to meet you, It's going to be great time. We are so excited to go on vacation.
      Chris and Celia
    13. Darin & Melissa
      Darin & Melissa
      Sounds good, see you in the pool.
    14. iacouple45
      Hey , looks like we will overlap some days at TTR, look us up and we can have a beer.
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    Fort Worth, Texas
    Management & Clinical Practice Manager for a psych
    We are a fun-loving couple who enjoys meeting other like minded couples.

    Camping, exercising, sex


    Octoberbreast official crew! (.)(.)
    TTR October 2012,13,14,15.
    Desire RM 2015
    Pearl May 2016
    Pearl October 1-5 RM Oct 5-9 2016.
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