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Jan 20, 2018
Oct 27, 2013
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Newbie, from Missouri

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Heading to TTR Jan 20-27tg Nov 26, 2017

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Jan 20, 2018
    1. TnT
      We will be there 24-31. We are doing Friday 26 boobs cruise
      1. Darrace likes this.
    2. Darrace
      Heading to TTR Jan 20-27tg
    3. Darrace
      Looking forward to being able to say Hi...
    4. Chris&Rhonda
      say hi when you see us!
    5. TheMacs
      Looks like our dates cross over! See you at the sexy pool!
    6. cancunlove
      Darrace We'll have to show em how the Show Me state does it.... We live north of KC and will be down the 28th - 5th Look for us all of ya we'll be the one's with the glitter tattoo's for the ladies at Paty O's .. And on a serious note too if your first timers ya should take the bus down to Mercado 28 while your down there it's kinda fun having the vendors messing with ya. We'll most likely go down there on the 29th if anyone wants to tag along during the day...
      Thanks for accepting our friend request! Nice profile pic! Like to see more! I see our dates cross. Hope to meet and have some shots or at least a cold one! :)
    8. Darrace
      We are newbies to Temtations, so I think the wife needs to see what to bring... And pretty sure your husband has a great idea... LOL
    9. Farmer2323
      Thanks, my hubby has been bugging me to start trying on temptation outfits, so we will have to post some more pics
    10. Darrace
      Its been a while since we have been, but we use to enjoy PT's... we are so ready as well... and look forward to meeting you too. We mean wow... what a sexy pic of her!
    11. Farmer2323
      Thanks so much, I'm sure we can find something, look forward to meeting you, we are getting excited. Which club is the best on the other side of the river, sounds like a fun way to start vacation and get warmed up for temptation!!
    12. Darrace
      We are closer to KC, but there are lots of good places to eat in StL. We usually try the Italian food in a place referred to as the Hill. You can google it and take your pick... we have not eaten at a bad one yet. As far as stuff to do, there is a little bit of everything in St Louis. Depends on what you like to do. Dancing, LaClades Landing, sports bars, darts, to PTs and Larry Flints Hustler club on the Illinois side.
    13. Farmer2323
      We fly out of St. Louis, I don't know what part of Missouri you are from but do you know any good restaurants or other things to do the day before we leave?
    14. Darrace
      Can't wait to see the live shot as well That's a pretty sexy pic as well
    15. Farmer2323
      Sounds great, we will get the place warmed up for you! Nice pic from what we can see, guess we will just have to wait for the real thing!lol
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