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May 27, 2017
Mar 25, 2014
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Ontario, Canada


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May 27, 2017
    1. funcouple40
      Hey guys! R u guys heading down anytime soon?
    2. sunshinegirlpdx
      You sent me a message last fall, I barely come on here, but we are going to be at TTR 5/5- 5/15. When is your trip? We aren't swingers, but I am very friendly and open to "the lifestyle" in the sense that I love fun people, but hate to share. To answer your question, I have been to TTR, and had a really great time. I learned to scuba dive there, and also stand up paddle board.
    3. tony_val
      change of plans. April 14-21, 2015
    4. Mike and Ang
      Mike and Ang
      Thanks for the friend request. Great pics...looks like you know how to enjoy vacation. We will be there in June, how about you?
    5. ChrisandKev
      Thanks for the friend request, great pics! u guys look fun! If we go back to TTR will probably be April again this year, had a blast with the April addicts!
    6. tony_val
      We ar going back in march again this year. Thinking around the 17th
    7. Jay9999
      Hi guys.. thanks for the add
    8. markandclaire
      Hey Guys, Thanks for friend request. We have not been to TTR for a year! Time to get back at some point soon.
    9. vodkatonic
      thank for the friend request,end of april for us
    10. eric ride
      eric ride
      Thanks for the friend request hope to see you guys in March!!
    11. tony_val
      Thanks for the friend requested. We are going back in march
    12. Elle
      Hey guys, thanks for the request. Are you heading to TTR sometime?
    13. FloridaToCancun
      Thanks for the friend request. I just returned home from a business trip in Toronto.

      Brent & April
    14. sunshinegirlpdx
      My boyfriend is really in charge of the cancuncare stuff… I am so lame that I can't make your photo big enough to see if I actually met you… If I did actually meet you, you have my business card… just email me. But either way… Yay! New people… I guess I will meet you next time. Unless I already met you, then JFCM...
    15. Denise B
      Denise B
      Hi there....thanks for the friend request. It's a cool site where you can make friends with just a few words and a push of a button.
      We'll be visiting TTR this Dec and I've already started the count down because we've already experienced SNOW out here in Alberta....
      When you do decide to visit TTR, I'm sure you'll love it.
    16. AprilnMark
      Cool hope we can catch up with u sometime have an awesome trip we almost booked dom rep as well but the flights were really long. Stay at home mommy needs a quick flight an a long break somewhere tropical :)
    17. AprilnMark
      Hi guys thanks for the friend request ! Are u coming to GOV end of month or boobs cruisin' ? We wanna pull those suitcases out already lol
    18. Dave&Kerri
      Sadly....we won't be making our first trip to TTR until next year unless we are able to slip away for a weekend during the summer. We're spending the week of April 13 in Punta Cana at one of our favourite resorts but would have enjoyed meeting some of our new friends at TTR. Looking forward to making lots of connections and having an amazing time when we make it to TTR.
      Can't wait to hear about your visits, have a blast!
    19. gymgirl2008
      Hi ! Thanks for the friend request! We are at TTR April 23-30 when are u guys there?
    20. Kurtney
      Hi guys! Thanks for the friend request. We will be visiting TTR April 18-25 :) any chance of grabbing drinks together?
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    Love to travel to tropical destinations, have fun, meet people and enjoy good food and drinks.

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