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Mar 9, 2014
May 31, 2013
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Gulf Coast USA
part-time vacationer, Higher Education


Enthusiast, from Gulf Coast USA

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Mar 9, 2014
    1. Justdoingit4fun
      Seems we might see you on vacation!
      Cant wait....Hope we get a chance to talk.
    2. JnLStuck
      Certainly sounds like a good time is taking shape! We have already discussed another 2 week visit in June '14! I'm guessing something like the 7th through the 22nd : )
    3. BuddhaD
      Sorry I missed you. Same thing happened to me 1st day LOL. I left the pool around 7pm, and I was suppose to meet up with some people for dinner at 9pm....I was all ready to go but had a few minutes so laid down for a minute....when I woke up it was 2:45am and I had a pounding headache :(
    4. JnLStuck
      'twas quite a transformation! Good to see you enjoying yourself. Lets do it again sometime!
    5. dikfore
      From Denver? I feel bad but I don't remember who was from Denver lol... Who was it?
    6. aragincajun
      very jealous....hope u r passing a good time...i am sure u r!...will look for more of your updates,esp about the stomach bug that has been going around...r people still getting sick?
      still didn't tell me where in la u r from? have a drink for
    7. Jess_2703
      Well, I have to catch a 5:45 AM this Monday Cancun flight and have an hours drive to the local airport... hummm, guess the bars will not open until 10AM at the soonest. Suggestions??? LOL

      LOL Put some Bailey in your coffee.. Or at least, on plane ? If not, wait until 10 :) Have a great vacation... Enjoy you're time and have few drinks for me !! I'm definitely JaLOUS! .. But that's me :P
    8. aragincajun
      soo where u from shaux....i be originally from houma and u?
    9. BuddhaD
      Oh...and watch out for the Cancun Curse! It happens when you drink so much the first day...that you miss your second day!...recovering and all..LOL
    10. BuddhaD
      Well on my previous trips I've always been particular about what in my carry-on bag. I usually pack my swim trunks, shirt, flip flops, and basically anything important I'd need in case my luggage missed it's flight! LOL . Also, we usually have to wait for a room when we arrive around the noon hour, so at least I'm ready for the pool! You'll have a big head start by the time I get there. People also suggest wearing an orange rubber wirstband. It lets others know that your from CancunCare, and I guess it get conversations going faster :) I'll be wearing one! Get there safe and see you at the pool!
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    Gulf Coast USA
    part-time vacationer, Higher Education
    Relaxed Southern Guy...

    Trek the globe for pleasure


    :deadhorse:Just a good ole Southern school teacher, at heart....