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Sep 19, 2018 at 8:35 PM
    1. Kim&Kerry
      We will be there Sept 3rd. Be on the lookout for us.
    2. Big & Little
      Big & Little
      Hey Noah and Ali,

      Missed not seeing you guys in 2015!
      Carla had been sick and it turned out to be Pancreatic Cancer. Luckily it was caught early enough to be operable. She finishes her chemotherapy in July and we will be back at Temptation this Labor Day week to 10 days possibly.

      I remember you and Ali did a referral week!
      I want to make this year EXTRA SPECIAL and know that you can rent/stay in one of the Premier Suites and get pampered with the amenities. I think you said we would have to pay for the all inclusive portion separately, but am not sure exactly how it works or how much it costs extra per day. Needless to say our medical bills wouldn't afford me to reserve a regular suite through the resort this year. We don't mind doing the Original Resorts tour and schpeal.

      Can you remind this OLD GUY (bad memory) how I might do this for her?

    3. Rudy and Debbie
      Rudy and Debbie
      Can't wait to see y'all again this year!
    4. jd3131
      any fan of Animal House is a fan of mine!!
    5. CrystalNJames
      We'll be there sept 3-8! See you around the sexy pool!
    6. Kim&Kerry
      What's up you guys. Can't wait to see ya'll again. Keep us posted on Isla Mujeres trip. We are in for whatever.
    7. Tc123123
      Noah- I know someone who knows someone that might be able to help us with the yacht in September. I will check rates with him and see if he can get us a deal. We would just need to get a good count of the people that would go.
    8. Tc123123
      Hey Noah. If we can do the private yacht to the Isla. Just make sure we can do topless and who knows with enough alcohol we will go bottomless. Lol
    9. Kim&Kerry
      Awesome can't wait to see yall.
    10. Kim&Kerry
      Yall going for Labor Day week. We will be there Sept. 7-13
    11. BIG "P"
      BIG "P"
      HA, yes, feeling much better -- no more trips to the hospital after Cancun Dysentery set in! Thanks for thinking of me. I hope you both are both healthy and happy!! Take care over there -- I'm sending hugs from Kentucky!
    12. Tc123123
      What is a referral week
    13. Tc123123
      The prices are extremely cheap right after Labor Day.
    14. Tc123123
      We are either going to do the last week of August or right after Labor Day like sept 2-9. We are committed to a Labor Day party so we can be there during that time.
    15. Tc123123
      Have you guys booked yet?
    16. FFC/WBA
      A like from the "famous" dikfore, thank you, I'm really honoured. Really like all your posts, brilliant, keep it up !!. Your such fun
    17. BIG "P"
    18. Andrea&Matt
      Small world!! We will be going to TTR in January , can't wait!!
    19. Tweb
      Goal for April learn a little Spanish and lose weight!
    20. R&D2011
      RobertD= 4 couples and one single female. Will be our 4th boobs cruise. Let the party begin!
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