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Oct 1, 2017
Jan 28, 2013
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DNA Beach Bums


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Oct 1, 2017
    1. Hailey&Rusty
      Same dates as us!!! See yall in the SEXY pool!!!! ~Hailey
    2. DNA Beach Bums
    3. breedlove711
      We arrive on the 9th & also leave on the 14th! See you at the sexy pool!
    4. jnine
      Hi! This is John and Stephanie. Ann told us to look for the feet, so I hope this is you two! I sure wish we were back at TTR still. We miss the place and you two already!

    5. FrenchLady
      I talked with Steve and here what he said ;

      No, sorry we dont have wine

      You are welcome to bring your own though and the bartender can take care of it for you.
    6. FrenchLady
      Hi DNA Beach Bums,
      Two years ago , they didn't have wine on the boat but you can ask Steve , maybe he will bring a couple of bottles if he knows !
      They have a lots of sweet drinks....
      Can't wait to meet you guys ! See you at the sexy pool to Party.
    7. somebeachsomewhere
      Hey DNA Beach Bums..........we are going on the Mar 5th Boobs Cruise........would be fun if more from GOV were coming along.........
    8. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      We are doing GOV feb 26 - Mar 4.. Really think you should consider it. Less $$, much nicer resort, just gotta bring the hotties.. We have another couple coming with us that just joined CCC, Lon Bauer ..
    9. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      well you never found us huh? lol
    10. linga
      We'll meet you at the party pool....don't be shy and come say hi! Linda & Gaston..the Hot Frenchies...you'll recognize us by our french accent..lol
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