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Dec 2, 2010
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Dec 15, 2017 at 9:14 PM
    1. Donald
      Thank you
    2. shaw&sher
      Enjoy reading your posts very informative.
    3. Fredmgill
      Hey Guys, Just wanted to wish you safe travels and have a great trip. We will miss you, hope to see you at Halloween!
      Paul & Lisa
    4. The Woodman
      The Woodman
      did u just get the latest pdf file?
    5. Bourbon Life
      Bourbon Life
      Thank you all. Fingers crossed.
    6. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      Hi Donald ,hope everything is good with guys...come on the 14 th lol. Just wanted to check with you if everything is still good with sharing a transfer on 14th. Thanks Rock
    7. annie fannie
      annie fannie
      Hi, I need to get the final list for April themes. Could you email me the list? thank You
    8. Jenjoe
      Very hot 3479796766 text to swap homemade videos
    9. KANDJ
      Hello Donald, I have been trying to view the final themes for April, but am having trouble. Can you respond with the full list or repost on the thread with the full list? Also, if happening, please include the list for the days. I have only seen it for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thanks for putting this all together. It was a blast last year and really looking forward to it again this April.
    10. HotforSun
      Hello Donald. Like reading your posts.
    11. Paul11
      Looking for some guidance from the board. My name is Paul, my wife name is Julie, we are newbies to all this. We have done alot of internet research but getting info from the people who have done is priceless, so here goes. We think tt is the best for us since its topless only, but is that really true? Meaning does it get crazy than the clothes come off? Also is Desire really crazy? Is it too much for newbies? Talking with my wife I get the feeling she would have some fun if it was spantanous and not planned so is tt a good place to start?
    12. Paulo & Ann
      Paulo & Ann
      I'm Jealous! Wish we could hang with you guys in April.
    13. Paulo & Ann
      Paulo & Ann
      Had a ton of fun with all of the H&H crowd at Halloween, and that boobs cruise on the 30th was our best ever. Currently just missing the place and trying to think of when we should go again. The weather is already getting nice up here by April so it's gotta be before then. When's your next trip?
    14. jimandsandra
      WOW, HnH was a crazy fun weekend!! So many people. We had a great time!!!! It was good chatting with you. Maybe again next year... Still recovering..... haha
    15. gooseout
      Was great meeting you guys. Had some good laughs. When you get settled you took a couple pics of the wife and I. If you could forward would be great.
    16. Bob&Ivy
      Sorry we missed you guys this trip. Kept an eye out but didn't find everyone. Hope you had a great trip. Just posted our pictures. Shooting for last April!!!!
    17. Bob&Ivy
      SEE YOU IN FIVE DAYS!!!!!! Safe travels. Will have cold ones ready for you.
    18. Bob&Ivy
      See you in two weeks!!!!!
    19. joeandmisty2396
      thanks for the likes
    20. Blue5_1914
      Sir, I was advised to contact you. I wanted to know what would you recommend for me and my buddies for our trip in October?
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