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Jun 3, 2015
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Burlington CT
Making enough $ to spoil the grand kids and travel

Donna & Tim

I can choose my own title, from Burlington CT

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Age it's just a number Feb 5, 2017

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Jul 16, 2018 at 1:09 PM
    1. Donna & Tim
      Donna & Tim
      Age it's just a number
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    2. smileyblueeyes
      Have you guys heard about the TTR Exiles- KC Party? It's Jan 20-21st!

      Here's the forum link...

      Here's the Facebook link...

      Event Tickets...

      Bus cruise is Saturday and $25 per person. Send money to reserve your spot to Laura via paypal. If you want to join that, message me and I'll send you her email.

      If you need a hotel room, let me know if you'd like one King or two Queens and if you are coming in Thursday, Friday, or Saturday! It's looking like $95 per night.

      Thanks! Hope to see you!
    3. Donna & Tim
      Donna & Tim
      It really was just fine!! Although some of the staff have moved on, but plan on coming back we had no issues. hopefully the rest will stay until the end so that you guys have no problems
    4. vacationfun2
      Hi Donna and Tim, how is the service etc? We arrive the 17th, have a fun week.
    5. smileyblueeyes
      Thanks for your help with the theme nights! I can't wait!! I actually have Chris considering the whole thong and Borat suits. :) Nobody knows you! Nobody cares!!
    6. smileyblueeyes
      Hey guys! I am searching through the threads to find the August CCC theme night for our first two nights (8/30-8/31.) Can you help please? I know you recently copied and pasted but my patience was wearing thin searching. ;) We just placed another outfit order and am making a checklist to be sure and have all the themes covered!
    7. Donna & Tim
      Donna & Tim
      So happy to hear everything worked out!! See ya in a few weeks!

    8. Forrest&Stacy
      We got our credit from Bookit today after raising much hell with them yesterday. So, we downgraded to Garden, but don't care - we are now paid in full through TTR. Just waiting on the final 0 balance from TTR. We also got $100 credit refund for our trip to GP on 9/30 because of the issue. So, I think we are set - thank GOD! I need this vaca so badly. All is well that ends well :) I still have two theme nights to prep for, but we will get that done. Sexy Pool here we come!
    9. Forrest&Stacy
      No, I am going to call them again for myself. BookIt will not call back so I am going with TTR verbal confirmation and a prayer. Like Tim said, they had rooms on the site so worst case we get our money back and book directly like we should have done originally. We seem to think Bookit noticed the rate hike and wanted to capitalize or GR Solis or whatever the resort is offering big comps for customers. If so, stupid on BookIt's part because they can see all our reservations over the years have been to TTR all adult - UGH! I will think positive though and bring my ass to the sexy pool like none of this happened, haha! I will keep you posted :)
    10. KYCouple15
      Looking forward to meeting you too! We most definitely we save you a spot!
    11. ScubaSteve
      Yeah flipped off my bike (and that's a bicycle, haha, I'm not a bad ass with a motorcycle). Thank you for the concern. I am actually doing much better then I was earlier in the week. Not a huge deal, I've basically lost count of how many broken ribs I have broken/bruised at this point, haha. Just glad I didn't mess up the moneymaker :)
    12. scootmick
      Thanks for the friend request! LOVE your pics! Hope our paths cross one day soon! Cheers!
    13. nat&e_mac
      Unfortunately life can get in the way sometimes,would be great to cross paths someday
    14. Twilla/RichardOKC
      Sounds great see you there!
    15. summerbum
      Looking forward to meeting you guys!
    16. Todd And Aaron
      Todd And Aaron
      Thanks for the friend request. Can't wait till the end of August!
    17. ron&candy
      sounds good. Count on it
    18. ChrisRuth
      Thanks :)
      (Still figuring out some of the navigation nuances of this site)
    19. Stacia_and_John
      Thank ye kindly!
    20. ffhester
      Sounds good can't wait... See y'all there!!
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    Burlington CT
    Making enough $ to spoil the grand kids and travel


    09/26 to 10/06/15 Octoberbreast trip #1
    08/27 to 09/04/16 Farewell old TTR trip #2
    Trip # 3 TBD
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