Jan 25, 2015
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S. W. Ontario


Guru, from S. W. Ontario

Registered Member
    1. Sally and Ricky
      Sally and Ricky
      hey guys how are you both doing are you heading to Cancun this april? we are doing DRM april 8-16 hope to see you guys
    2. LandLORI
      Yea to bad about the reno. Who knows what will happen. Keep in touch
    3. Holidayguy
      Hey guys! Let's get together for dinner and drinks when we get back from our bike trip
    4. Naughty Newfies
      Naughty Newfies
      Really enjoyed meeting you guys as well. Hopefully we'll see you again when the resort reopens!
    5. Mike and Vicki
      Mike and Vicki
      Hey guys! It was great meeting you both as well!!! Keep in touch!! :)
    6. Brett&Paula
      Hey our double G's!!!! Was so great to see you guys again!!! Miss you already! Will definitely have to get together next year some how!!! Hugs and kisses to you both,
    7. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Great seeing you two again! Don't look like next year will happen with TTR closing but we will definitely see y'all again.
    8. John & Michelle
      John & Michelle
      Hey friends, Yes it was great meeting you as well. Yes hopefully will we run into each other sometime soon. Keep in touch! John and Micheal
    9. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      Hey sis. Hope all is well. Not on here much at all. But if you have fb. Look for me
      Debby Berwick Seguin
    10. jnine
      We loved meeting you two also! I am hoping we can all meet again someplace, even if it is not TTR. There is quite a bit of talk about the Golden Parnassus. Maybe that can be the new TTR and we can share a drink, a bodyshot, or several again!
    11. ShaneandJenny
      We enjoyed meeting you guys as well. The cheeseburgers at Patty O's weren't the same without you. Hope to see you next year.
    12. pvtnurse4u
      dam you !! DAM YOU ,, DAM YOU,,, you guys hid from me and i couldn't get my goodbyes in!!!!!! arghhhhh,,,, no fair,,,, i miss my gor and ginny already,,,,,,..
      ginnny!!!! guess what i did at 10 am yesterday,,, found my spanker,,,, waiting to board the boobs cruise!!<,, omg,, talk about gorgeous,,, ohhhh my my my my my my my,,,.,. dam how upset am i..,., ,, but I'm totally happy,, cause i had my double g time!!<, cant wait for next year. ..xoxoxoooxoox love ya guys,,,
    13. John & Michelle
      John & Michelle
      Thanks Ginny and Gord! This time next week we should be in the air and heading to TTR! We should be at the pool by 11, so save us a spot in the water! We probably we have that deer caught in the headlights look...Not believing we finely made back to TTR.
      See you soon! John & Micheal
    14. Moejo
      No so long now. I guess Gordie is doing his last shift at work. Moe works until 10pm tonight. Then off to the airport at 5am. See you for breakie. We should be checking in around 6:30.
    15. LandLORI
      Got there the same time last year. Had an amazing day and hung in there pretty good. We did shut down somewhat early but not to bad. Stayed away from the shooters.
    16. LandLORI
      Hey guys.....on the countdown now. Looking forward to seeing you guys. What time do you touch down. We touch down at 9:30am so we will have a full day at temp. May make for an early night on the 10th but we won't go down early without an amazing day behind me. See you guys soon !!!!!!!
    17. Moejo
      So looking forward to this trip. Moe is all packed, I haven't started but won't take me long.
    18. pvtnurse4u
      i bought 2 new pairs of flip flops today,, perhaps you won't steal them again,,, ok ok ok ,, perhaps i might not get to drunk to forget them again,, heheheh
    19. Brett&Paula
      Great to know , so happy your looking out for us
    20. Moejo
      I think we are down to two week mark. Getting very excited. What time will you be at the airport, we will be there 3 hours before the flight. If you want we can meet for a bite to eat. Moe will have here cell phone but I don't bother bringing mine. It's my work phone and I will be on vacation.
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    S. W. Ontario
    April 10-20th 2016
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