Jan 25, 2015
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S. W. Ontario


Guru, from S. W. Ontario

Registered Member
    1. Mike and Vicki
      Mike and Vicki
      Hey there! Thanks for the friend request! We will be arriving on the 15th and leaving on the 24th. :)
    2. Myrtlemayhem
      Hey, how are you two? I just wanted to say hi in advance. We will be down there the same week as you and we can't wait to meet some great people
    3. Karen&jay
      Yes it was a blur lol look forward to having a few drinks with you both
    4. John & Michelle
      John & Michelle
      Thanks for the friend request! Look forward to meeting you.
    5. migs109
      We look forward to meeting you two as well!
    7. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Great news! Looking forward to seeing you two again!
    8. BnK
      We are at TTR from the 14th -21st then over to Desire Pearl for the 21st -25th. Thinking we still have cross over dates with you guys?
    9. Kevin&Lana
      Thanks ! Looking forward to this trip for sure !
    10. Deleted Account
      Deleted Account
      Can't wait to see you guys again! Seems alot of us April crazies are overlapping. Gonna be awesome!
    11. Deleted Account
      Deleted Account
      Didn't book yet but looking at prices this weekend. So hoping for April 9-16th. Can't wait
    12. Jim & Teresa
      Jim & Teresa
      Absolutely a drink, or two, or... We can't wait!
    13. BnK
      Yes us too. We did Desire RM & Pearl in October but we will be back as April Addicts each year until they stop letting in scantly clad, boob adjusted, happy little blondes.
    14. The Woodman
      The Woodman
      No prob guy. Just e-mail me w/ your info and we'll get you both right on!
    15. Brett&Paula
      Hi guys !!!! its going by fast and busy but good thanks hope yours is great also :)
    16. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Hey there ! Haven't been on ccc much lately , just seeing your msg. We are doing good . Planning next April for sure ! 17th - 23rd is our plan right now! Hopefully our paths will cross!
    17. LandLORI
      Hey I hear you. Don't think we would survive two weeks at TTR. Not sure if we are going to do October or not. Just keep watching the deals and we will decide. Not going to Blehnam on the long weekend in August after all. We have been away a lot the last three weeks so unable to get the staffing to work. Plus the liver needs some down time. Definitely hitting TTR in April again. The weather was incredible and the group absolutely off the wall. Amazing time !
    18. LandLORI
      Hey Ginny, great to hear from you two. Busy on our end right now but may be up your way the long weekend in August. Lori's family having a get together in Blehnam. If we have time maybe we can drop by. I will let you know. Lori looking at October dates for Temp. Some good deals right now. Let us know if you have any plans.
    19. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Hey there! We are doing great. Just got back for a 4 day trip to Illinois to visit Thad Con Bob and Kim . Spent 3 days on a houseboat in a lake up there. Had a blast! Hope you two are great. We will for sure go back next April . Gonna try to go visit Brett and Paula in oct. Take care tell Ginny we said hello
    20. pvtnurse4u
      hey you,,,,,,, too funny,, i was just thinking about you,, i passed a dry cleaners called double g,,, lol..... you guys thinking of september?? if not i expect to see in april..... told ya that place was addictive.. ,,, send my love to gin!!!!!! xoxoxoo
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    April 10-20th 2016
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