Jan 25, 2015
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S. W. Ontario


Guru, from S. W. Ontario

Registered Member
    1. loopywoz
      When you there we are there in May
    2. loopywoz
      I use the leaves not the tea bags hot water and fresh squeezed lemon is good for you first thing in the morning on a empty stomach
    3. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      We are from Ohio. Whenever some really crappy Winter Polar Vortex blows in, I think of all the folks from Canada we have met at TTR, and how their weather can be so much worse than ours ! We usually go in February or March, and there are many more Canadians (and some Europeans) than Americans - and I know why ! In fact, there usually are not many Americans at TTR when we go. I think Americans are too prudish. Being prudish just doesn't work at Temptation.

      Thanks for the friend request. According to the April Roll Call, we will miss you in April, but if there is anything you want to know, don't hesitate to ask !
    4. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      It's funny how when you get closer and closer to your TTR vacation, your brain starts reprogramming itself. You begin to minimize all the daily stress and anxiety about everything you are responsible for, and start recalling the fun you had the last time you were at TTR, and how much fun you are about to have this time ! Enjoy your April Trip !
    5. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      Just curious -- does Double G mean both your names begin with a G, or is that a cup size ? If it is the latter, DAMN ! Either way, that grin on your faces says it all !
    6. Beachlovers01
      Looks like a lot of good fun people. See ya in April!
    7. Mr Rockies
      Mr Rockies
      Can't wait to meet you guys, see you soon!
    8. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Ha yea guess your right!
    9. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Wow we love snow lol don't ever get any where we live!
    10. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      And my wife works for a dentist she the same way!!!!
    11. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      It's funny you posted about recognizing everyone. We had never been in April and when we went I picked out everyone just from pictures off here haha they were all like " what the hell did you do study all of us :)
    12. Brett&Paula
      Well yes they do :)
    13. Brett&Paula
      Don't be a scared post some pics :)
    14. Brett&Paula
      Welcome ! you will love and enjoy talking with everyone on this site , they make you feel right at home , in a fun and perverted way :) Did someone say drinks or did I hear body shots ?
    15. MandEOntario
      Welcome to the forum and the madness. Nice profile shot
    16. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Welcome , we are there 12-18 look foward to meeting you two
    17. JenandTodd
      Welcome, where u flying out of?
    18. Donald
      Welcome aboard

      Post some pictures if you can and a little about yourself.

      You have pick a great to go TTR ( temptations)
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    S. W. Ontario
    April 10-20th 2016
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